Contest: Share Your Holiday Gaming Story Rantathon Winner!

Super Mario Characters Figurine

The holiday weekend is almost upon us, and while many video game fans are anxiously anticipating what delicious adventures might await them under their tree, we here at Game Rant just finished preparing a gift for one lucky reader.

We had the opportunity to get our hands on an extra Super Mario Characters Figurine - originally offered through Club Nintendo's Reward Program. The figure set was exclusive to Platinum level members.

The contest is now closed - but feel free to keep those stories coming.

In the interest of combining our love for our readers, video games, and the holiday spirit, we're holding a contest!

If you'd like to add the Super Mario Characters Figurine to your holiday haul of things you didn't pay for, check out the details of the contest below:

The Holiday Gaming Story Rantathon will run until Christmas morning December 25th 9am EST - at which point we will announce the winner. All you have to do to enter is share your favorite video game-related holiday memory in the comment section of this post. The more detailed, the better.

Since we don't have the same reindeer-powered shipping options as Santa, you must be a US resident to enter (though we'd still love to hear non-US reader stories) and use a valid e-mail address when leaving your comment.

Super Mario Characters Figure Nintendo

We'll select the winner using a variety of high-brow mathematical formulas. Unless of course you're this kid (or his rarely mentioned sister), in which case - you win:


In the interest of full disclosure, and getting the ball rolling, here's my favorite video game-related holiday memory:

While playing hide and seek with a friend in my house, I inadvertently stumbled upon my parent's present-hiding spot - the four-year-old equivalent of stumbling into the United States Mint (without any guards present). The goods were unwrapped, so I had a clear view of the loot Santa had in store - the most important offering being a NES Control Deck bundled with Super Mario Bros. (with a package of Voltron tighty-whities on top). Things got complicated when my mom discovered my friend and I trying to open the box - and had to explain why Santa was storing my presents in our closet. Needless to say, in the end, I didn't care where he stored them - as long as he redelivered that NES on Christmas morning.

After you submit your holiday-story entry, make sure to check out Game Rant's Holiday Gift Guides - in case you're still looking for the perfect gift - for the gamer in your life:

Happy Holidays from us at Game Rant.

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