Geek Store is Selling Video Game Ugly Sweaters for the Holidays

ugly video game christmas sweaters

For many, there is nothing that says that the holidays have arrived quite like the sight of a heinous Christmas sweater. Indeed, adorning one's self with vulgar colors and clashing patterns is the perfect way for some people to get into the spirit of the season, and a line of ugly Xmas sweaters from Geek Store will let these fashionistas do exactly that. Furthermore, not only are these sweaters notably ugly, they are video game-themed as well.

Those that browse through the video game sweaters currently being offered by Geek Store will see that a variety of games have been represented. For fans of family-friendly franchises, there are a bevy of options that feature the likes of Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Pokemon's Pikachu. That said, players that enjoy slightly more adult themes in their games should not feel left out, as there are plenty of ugly sweaters for them as well.

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For example, the acclaimed RPG series Fallout is represented on several of Geek Store's christmas sweaters, giving fans the ability to show their love for Fallout 76 and Vault Tec with a bold fashion statement. Additionally, there is an official Destiny sweater available. This is sure to be of interest to players that have been counting down the days to the release date for ShadowkeepDestiny 2's newest expansion, which occurred just today.

ugly video game christmas sweaters

Players that would prefer to don clothing with a design inspired by their favorite console are also covered, as Geek Store has both PlayStation and Xbox-focused Christmas sweaters available. The Xbox-themed sweater is particularly amusing, as it mimics the pop-up that fans see when they obtain an achievement on their Xbox console, and it reads: "Achievement Unlocked: Purchased Ugly Christmas Sweater."

Buy Geeky Gaming Christmas Sweaters For 2019 At Geek Store

To note, some of the ugly video game Christmas sweaters being sold by Geek Store are only available for pre-order at this time, but many can be purchased directly right now. In general, these sweaters cost in the range of $34.99 to $39.99 and free shipping is included on orders of $100 or more. While fans may not choose to spring for the multiple items required to meet this free shipping cutoff, they are likely to find at least one ugly Xmas sweater that suits their fancy.

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Source: Geek Store

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