Latest VGA Commercial Teasing Zombie Game, 'Left 4 Dead' Reveal?

Left 4 Dead VGA Reveal

The Spike Video Game Awards are less than a month away and companies are starting to tease their exclusive reveals for the upcoming event. A new trailer hyping the VGAs has been released and in the section titled 'World Premiere' there is the code that BioWare dropped as a teaser for their soon to be announced game, what appears to be a football game (NFL Blitz, perhaps?), and last but not least an image with zombies that states, "Infected? Report it!"

The image (pictured above) can be found roughly 20 seconds into the commercial and is quite obviously a zombie title of some sort. Even though it's a bit of a stretch to link the picture to the Left 4 Dead series, the internet seems to think otherwise. Even more interesting than the mystery behind the image is what can be found at the bottom of the picture on the right hand side -- "1 of 3".

You can scope the new VGA trailer and see the image for yourself in the video below:


It's certainly interesting to speculate on what it could mean, because if it's not Left 4 Dead then it's likely a new zombie franchise. A new zombie franchise doesn't seem to make much sense considering that the market is already swimming with zombies, but who knows, crazier things have happened. It's also possible that it could be a new Resident Evil game, which would certainly get a ton of Res-heads pumped, although the image doesn't really rep the trademark Resident Evil style.

If it is something related to Left 4 Dead then there are several different things that could be revealed. Left 4 Dead 2 could get a third expansion, maybe Left 4 Dead is finally making its way over to the PS3, or it could even be Left 4 Dead 3. All of those scenarios certainly seem possible , but there's no way to tell what Valve hase up their sleeves until this game has the curtain hoisted off of it during this year's VGAs.

The VGAs will air next month on December 11th, and you can be sure that Game Rant will keep you in the loop with all the world premiers and winners that come from the prestigious ceremony.

What do you think/hope this "Infected" world premiere will turn out to be? Is it too soon for a Left 4 Dead 3?

Source: VG247

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