Atari’s Action RPG 'Venetica' Coming to North America in January


Atari is bringing Venetica, a new action role-playing game, to North America. Developed by Deck 13 Interactive and published by DTP Entertainment, the game was released in Germany in December of last year, with a PlayStation 3 release following in early November 2010 in the UK. Publisher Atari has confirmed that North American gamers will be given the chance to experience the game sometime next January.

The fantasy-themed role-playing game centers around Scarlett, the daughter of Death, which in this world is a physical being. She must save her father and the rest of the world from a necromancer, who plans to bring destruction to the world. Death follows the instructions of a group known as Corpus. Every generation, Corpus must select Death's successor. In the game's story, Corpus accidentally selects this evil necromancer. Scarlett is the last hope, as Death and Corpus are unable to defend the world against this threat.

Players will be able to cultivate and grow Scarlett's abilities as they explore a unique world of surprises. The streets and canals of 16th century Venice serve as a backdrop for the game. The unique and grandiose interpretation of Venice is said to be one of the strongest parts of the game.

In the crowded genre of role-playing games, a strong and engrossing story must be placed in a breathtaking, interesting world with worthwhile, enjoyable gameplay. Upon its initial release in Europe, the game was said to have an outstanding story but the gameplay was considered less stellar. It will be interesting to see how North American players will accept this game and its style. Venetica is said to feature thrilling and action-packed battles featuring easy to learn play controls that will welcome newcomers. The localization of the game hopefully will improve on any faults the overseas version had and justify Atari's reasoning for bringing the game to North America.

Venetica comes to North America January 11 on the PC, PS3, and the Xbox 360.

Source: Joystiq

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