Vanquish Story Trailer Revealed


Vanquish, an upcoming third person shooter from Platinum Games and Sega, has released a trailer that reveals the story the game will tell.

The trailer depicts a scene of great destruction and conflict during a war in the near future between Russia and the United States. Russia and the United States are at war over the world’s depleting energy resources. Russian forces have taken over the US space station, built to harness energy from the sun, and diverted the energy into a blast that destroys San Francisco.


The Russians try to use the attack to force the United States into a complete and unconditional surrender. The player, Sam, a government agent in a futuristic battlesuit, will be a part of the US armed forces' effort to recapture the space station before the Russian forces can use the station to eradicate New York City. This campaign is of epic proportions and the battlesuit itself shines in the trailer.

Shinji Mikami, the Japanese video game designer best known for creating Resident Evil,  said that Vanquish's graphics were inspired by the Casshern anime series. The game looks great and the scenes depicted in the trailer show off the excellent graphical choices the developers have made. The musical score that accompanied the trailer adds to the epic feel the story itself presents.

The demo is now available on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Store. Also, make sure and check out our impressions of the Vanquish demo. I would suggest checking it out to see if the trailer is an accurate depiction of the gameplay experience. After watching the trailer, I'm sure many gamers interest in the game has increased. Even though there won't be any multiplayer, the game seems like it has evolved from just a generic shooter into a unique story-driven action game, which was almost an open world game.

Being released this fall, it will have a lot of competition. Plenty of games and devices will be vying for the opportunity to get inside the wallets of gamers. Any game trying to grab the attention of the community has to be well executed and marketed. This trailer does a great job at getting your attention. How many gamers will actually buy into the experience remains to be seen.

Vanquish is scheduled for release on October 19,2010 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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