Pre-Order Vanquish and Receive 'Tri-Weapon Pack'


Vanquish is the game of two minds. One part intense third person shooter and one part crazy Japanese graphical cluster-cuss. The game brings the action and it brings it double time, and Vanquish's preorder bonus captures that essence.

With the Vanquish's release almost upon us, it seems only fair that we start seeing tantalizing treats attempting to push this game into the “buy” column rather than the “rent” column. The treats in question come in the form of a 'Tri-Weapon Pack' giving players more firepower to eviscerate their robot enemies than you can shake a stick at. Sega has released a trailer giving a demonstration of each weapon in action. Be prepared for tons of explosions.

The first weapon, the Laser Cannon, fires a particle blast capable of ripping anything in its path to shreds. What is most impressive about this weapon is the amount of on screen mayhem it causes. So much damage results from the cannon I had no idea what it didn’t destroy.

The second weapon, the Anti-Armor Pistol, fires more than just your standard pistol rounds having the capability of eviscerating larger mechs. This weapon is geared towards the specialist who is more concerned with precise shots that do the most damage.

The final weapon, the Boost Machine Gun, brings the rapid-fire pain by way  of the number of metal-shredding bullets it fires upon enemies. For me this is the least interesting of the three weapons, feeling more like a souped up version of the game’s standard machine gun. Still impressive none-the-less.

If you were planning on purchasing Vanquish then your decision was already further cemented. But if you were on the fence and were maybe thinking about purchasing post-demo release, maybe the tri-weapon pack swayed you. As of right now the only retailer listing the tri-weapon pack, as a pre-order bonus is GameStop, so if you are looking to cause some serious damage while rocket-sliding your way to freedom that’s where you should head.

What do you think of these pre-order bonuses Ranters? Make you want to buy the game even more or convince you to buy rather than rent?

Vanquish earns ever p of its 720p when it hits shelves October 19th for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

Source: 1up

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