Rocket-Sliding Shooter 'Vanquish' Gets a Trailer to Celebrate Release

Vanquish Launch Trailer Celebrates Release

If you have been craving mechanized suit wearing soldier versus gigantic robot army combat Sega has just released the game for you. Vanquish, the third person shooter that accelerates action by way of jet propulsion is in the wild today and we have an explosive new trailer to celebrate the game’s launch.

It is the near future, and the battle over Earth’s scarce resources has become very tense. Russia has just been overthrown by the rogue faction The Order of the Russian Star and has set their sights on crippling the United States. After the destruction of San Francisco, an elite combat unit has been put together in order to fight off the wave of mechanized enemies the Order is sending towards them. Our hero, Sam Gideon, must use his Augmented Reaction Suit to rocket slide his way towards overthrowing the enemy and so begins Vanquish.


While many found a lot to enjoy in Vanquish’s demo, I was left with a stale taste in my mouth. The combat is fast-paced and the on screen effects are enough to keep your eyes engaged, but eventually the demo devolved into a rote process that is seen in any third person shooter. Vanquish isn't without its flourishes and the trailers show more of a game that I am interested in seeing, but the demo left me wanting.

You may not be able to get the awesome pre-order goodies, but if you are living in the UK your Sam Gideon statue still comes packed with the Limited Edition. With so much attention being placed on the First Person Shooter it is refreshing change of pace to be able to mix a little melee combat in with your bullet storm. If any of what you have seen of Vanquish looks enticing then you should pick up a copy today and try it for yourself.

Anybody who picked up Vanquish at launch want to share his or her thoughts? Are you enjoying your experience?

Vanquish is available now for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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