Rumor: Vanquish 2 Coming as Xbox One Exclusive


Vanquish, the fast-paced action game from Platinum Games, earned relatively positive reviews from critics back when it released in 2010, and now it appears as though fans will finally get a sequel. According to recent rumors, Vanquish 2 is in development, and it's coming exclusively to Xbox One.

This is according to self-described industry insider Marcus Sellars, who has earned a reputation of being a fairly accurate leaker of video game news. While Sellars didn't offer any additional details on the game, one has to imagine that a potential Vanquish 2 would likely be very similar to the over-the-top, cover-based shooter action seen in the first game.

Like with any video game rumor, it's important to take this claim with a grain of salt. Even though Sellars has been accurate in the past, he has offered no evidence to back up his claims that Vanquish 2 is in development in any form. Having said that, if Vanquish 2 is coming to Xbox One as an exclusive, it wouldn't necessarily be all that surprising.

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After all, Microsoft already has an established relationship with Platinum Games. Until its cancellation, Microsoft was producing Scalebound with Platinum Games, which was being positioned as a major console-exclusive. While Scalebound never finished development, it still helped to form a connection between Microsoft and Platinum, which could have opened the door for other collaborations.

Another hint that there could be some truth to this Vanquish 2 rumor is the recent addition of the original Vanquish to the Xbox One backward compatibility list. If Microsoft was looking to fund Vanquish 2 as an Xbox One exclusive, then it would make sense for it to make the original game playable on the platform.

Of course, it could just be a coincidence that Vanquish was added to the Xbox One backward compatibility list right around the time Sellars made his claims about a sequel. Considering this, fans may want to keep their expectations in check until Platinum Games, Microsoft, or Sega officially announce Vanquish 2.

Vanquish 2 is rumored to be in development as an Xbox One exclusive.

Source: Game Reactor

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