Focus Home Interactive and DONTNOD Entertainment have released a teaser for the upcoming web series detailing the making of Vampyr. Including some gameplay footage, this series discusses “the studio’s signature approach to bringing [this] narrative-driven RPG to life.” For some gamers, this game may very well be one of the most anticipated horror games for 2018, so this series may sate the bloodlust of those gamers.

In the teaser, Narrative Director Stephane Beauverger stated, “we want players to always question themselves about the fact they are about to take a life,” providing valuable insight into the development of Vampyr (which can be completed without killing anyone.) The teaser reveals the title of the first episode to be Making Monsters, which is set to release on January 18. Check out the teaser trailer here:

Although release dates aren’t discussed, the YouTube channel also states the titles of the remaining episodes as Architects of the Obscure, Human After All, and Stories from the Dark. Considering the game was previously delayed to spring 2018, it seems to be a safe bet that this four-part series may conclude before the game is released. As of this writing, Vampyr still has no set release date.

When it does release, however, gamers may expect a full and complete game. DONTNOD previously revealed that it has no desire to make DLC for the game, which may or may not be something discussed in the forthcoming web series. This method may be appreciated by many fans, considering recent controversies considering loot boxes and other paid DLC.

Hopefully, Vampyr will follow soon after this making-of series, as many horror fans have been anticipating a good vampire game. In the meantime, perhaps this making-of web series will provide gamers with valuable insight into the moral decisions of the game, as being both a bloodthirsty vampire and a doctor may make many players question their every move.

Vampyr is scheduled to release in Spring 2018 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.