Vampyr Official Gameplay Trailer Released

Vampyr Official Trailer

DontNod Entertainment shows off the first gameplay trailer for Vampyr, a game where players assume the role of a vampire who must choose his victims carefully.

DontNod Entertainment has released the official trailer for Vampyr, a game which puts players into the role of a vampire struggling to survive in Victorian-era London. Vampire fans got their first look at the game several months ago when the studio released the first batch of screenshots, and can now take a gander at the official Vampyr trailer that was shown earlier today at the PC Gaming Show ahead of E3 2016.

The trailer was actually leaked several days ago, but now fans can now enjoy the video is crisp 1080P definition from a more official source. E3 announcements have certainly been riddled with leaks this year, with both of Microsoft's consoles being leaked beforehand, along with several of its presentation announcements. There's not much companies can do but shrug off these leaks, and hope fans are still interested in what they have to show on the big day.

Take a gander at the video below to enter the world of Vampyr:


Players will assume the role of a man named Jonathan E. Reid, a doctor afflicted with the curse of becoming a vampire. A flu epidemic has killed thousands of London residents, and mistrust is high among the populace. In the trailer above, the game emphasizes that players will have to choose the lives they take in the name of their blood lust, and it's clear that DontNod Entertainment will have a large decision-making element to it. This should come as no surprise, as the studio's previous titles Life is Strange and Remember Me had similar features.

Without any gameplay footage, it's impossible to tell how the combat system in the game will actually function. Judging from the cinematics from the trailer, there won't be a shortage of blood, so gamers can likely expect some brutal fatalities to go along with the gameplay.

Players will mainly level up mainly be feeding on innocent lives, rather than by fighting the vampire hunters themselves. It's a unique way to do things, and we expect the moral dilemma of feeding on innocent lives will play a large role in the game, especially with the main character emphasizing his nightly-bloodthirst several times in the official trailer. It seems like players will have to do a lot of feeding if they hope to find a cure, though, so choices have to be made.

We will keep you posted as more news about Vampyr bleeds loose.

Vampyr is currently set to release sometime in 2017 for PC.

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