Last year’s E3 gave horror fans their first extensive look at an upcoming narrative-driven action RPG called Vampyr from Dontnod Entertainment.  And now a week ahead of E3 2017, publisher Focus Home Interactive has released a new trailer that reiterates the game’s universe and story.

In the new trailer for Vampyr, players see main character Jonathan E. Reid in action, using his vampiric powers and melee weapons to kill enemies in 1918 London. The trailer also shows how Reid’s lust for blood will compel him to harm innocent people, which should prove to influence the gameplay and story in interesting ways.

The new trailer can be viewed in its entirety below, but anyone hoping to see actual gameplay footage will be disappointed. Not only does the game fail to show actual in-game footage of Jonathan E. Reid’s exploits as a vampire, but it also doesn’t offer an exact release date either. Since the trailer itself is devoid of substantial information, hopefully Vampyr‘s actual presence at E3 2017 will bring more details about the game to light.

The lack of new gameplay footage in Vampyr‘s E3 2017 trailer may make some fans worried that the game will fail to deliver on its promises. After all, Dontnod Entertainment has been an inconsistent developer in the past when it comes to gameplay, delivering games that have been praised for their stories but criticized for how they play. For example, Remember Me‘s unique combat system was divisive with critics, and Life is Strange is more about story than actual gameplay.

Of course, we can’t pass judgment on the game until we get our hands on it, and for all we know, Vampyr could be coming along nicely. Despite the criticism the studio has received over the years, Dontnod has its fair share of dedicated fans, and for good reason, so here’s hoping Vampyr lives up to expectations.

Vampyr will launch this November for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.