Valve Wants Xbox LIVE to Be More Accessible For Publishers

Certainly one of the most popular online services for PC gamers is Valve’s Steam. Allowing gamers a great deal of functionality when it comes to accessing and playing games online, Steam is only getting bigger and better. Valve managing director, Gabe Newell (cleverly not talking about Half-Life 3), would like to see the service be implemented on Xbox LIVE, if Microsoft releases its tight leash, that is.

Microsoft has their own guidelines and regulations when it comes to supporting games on the service. Most games will have to go through a slightly rigorous process of clearance before a patch or DLC release. What Newell would like to see, should Microsoft allow it, is the implementation of Steamworks on Xbox LIVE to promote cross-platform gaming between the 360 and the PlayStation 3.

Newell does applaud Sony’s open approach regarding direct game support and allowing Steamworks to run on PSN, detailing why he would want to see Microsoft take a similar line.

“We certainly can deliver a lot of value to customers to the degree to which we have those capabilities. With the PS3 obviously we made a lot more progress with that.

“The main thing is having Microsoft get comfortable with it and let us do it. Right now, there’s a huge amount of updates and free content we’ve been able to deliver to people who have The Orange Box that we haven’t been able to deliver to the Xbox because of the restrictions that have been placed on us on Xbox Live.”

Zing. Nice way to bust Microsoft regarding support for The Orange Box. If you have been playing TOB on PC or PlayStation 3, you will notice that there have been a huge amount of updates and free items for Team Fortress 2. Obviously, fans don’t want to be cut out of the loop and miss free additions to a game they enjoy playing – but that’s exactly what has happened on the Xbox 360.

Valve is continuing their support of Steamworks on PlayStation 3 by integrating the feature into Skyrim, allowing gamers to enjoy features like cloud saving. In addition, the upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will also be utilizing Steamworks to allow cross platform play between the PC and PlayStation 3. Looks like Microsoft might need to step up their game a little bit. Including Steamworks on their own platform would definitely bolster their service and might even increase their sales… but we’ll never know if Microsoft doesn’t do it.

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Source: VG 24/7