Valve VR Headset Vive Gets Its First Game With 'Job Simulator'

Job Simulator Game


Valve forced some collective shocked breaths out of the world when they not only announced their own Virtual Reality Headset this week, but also revealed it would be coming to stores by holiday 2015. The Oculus Rift rival will likely be well-integrated with existing Steam platforms like Steam and potentially even Steam Machines, but as excited as gamers might have been Valve didn't really show what the Vive can offer in terms of games. Today, gamers get their first look at the first Vive game, and it comes from respected Rift game producer Owlchemy Labs.

The game, simply entitled Job Simulator, is exactly what one might expect - gamers get to recreate blue collar jobs like cooking food and pouring beer, in a world where robots have replaced humanity for all jobs and make humans feel useful by letting them pretend to work. This game takes place in the not-so-distant future of 2050, so take from that what you will. Players will be tasked with frying up some great breakfast, making soup with the correct ingredients, and mastering the art that is sriracha sauce.

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Job Simulator Soup

The aptly titled Job Simulator looks like it's a game made to introduce players to virtual interaction, though they haven't stated exactly how many jobs will be included within the game or if they'll all be based on various parts of the food industry. The Vive itself is set for a release this holiday window, so it makes sense that Job Simulator will come out alongside the launch of Valve's headset.

Owlchemy Labs' own Alex Schwartz has been in open discussion with fans about how the Vive performs on both the hardware and software levels, so anyone interested in joining in on that conversation can do so over in this Reddit thread.

Whilst Job Simulator is the first official Vive game to be publicly unveiled, those who enjoyed Owlchemy Labs' previous outings on the Rift needn't worry - the game will also launch for the Oculus, so both sides of the party will benefit from the ability to simulate jobs they might already have.

Source: PC Gamer

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