Valve VR Headset Is Now Shipping Within 3 Days of Purchase

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After issues with distribution, HTC now confirms that the Valve-associated Vive VR headset is now available for customers just three days after initial purchase has taken place.

Although early adopters have generally been happy with the first wave of new virtual reality hardware to hit the market, it's fair to say that the launches of these new headsets have hardly been smooth. Thankfully for purchasers of the Vive, it seems as though Valve and HTC have sorted out some of the distribution issues that plagued the initial launch of the VR headset. Indeed, HTC has now confirmed that the Vive is shipping to customers within three days of their purchase.

The news was confirmed by HTC via an announcement on its official website. The company revealed that orders placed on will ship within 48-72 hours, as well as confirming that orders placed in participating retailers will also be fulfilled beginning from this week. It's a far cry from the initial launch of the headset, where customers suffered from administrative errors that caused many a headache.

Speaking of retailers, it appears as though the Vive is also going to be seeing an increased presence in real-world stores. The headset is available at certain Microsoft Stores, GameStop stores, and Micro Center locations already, and in-store demonstrations are going to increase across all these brands. A full list of participating locations is available over at the Vive website.

HTC Vive and Steam VR Launch

At its initial launch, the Vive headset proved to be incredibly popular. Valve confirmed that the VR device ended up selling a hugely impressive 15,000 units in just 10 minutes, allaying some fears that potential adopters had about how successful the device would prove to be. With Valve then launching ValveVR in tandem with the beginning of shipments, so far users have been fairly content with what the Vive has had to offer.

Of course, the Vive - and its VR headset competitors - still have a long way to go to prove that this venture back into the world of virtual reality gaming is a long-lasting trend. Although there are already many devoted adopters out there, there are still concerns that virtual reality is too expensive for the average gamer, which could result in a smaller user base that may put off developers from creating truly lasting works for VR spec in the future. Most recently, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick offered some criticism of the hardware, suggesting that most gamers would be unlikely to have the sheer space to make good use of a headset.

Nonetheless, Valve and HTC have so far proved doubters wrong, and it's good to hear that purchasers will now receive their Vive headsets a little earlier than perhaps anticipated. After all, with a price of $799, these gamers deserve a very high quality of service. Hopefully, things will get even better in the VR sphere in the future.

Source: HTC

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