Valve Says They Have 3 Big Surprises Coming Over the Next Year


Gabe Newell, head honcho over at Valve has announced that gamers are in store for at least three big surprises in the coming 12 months.

That's right, stop the presses! We'll apparently be getting some kind of real news out of Valve, and soon.

Gabe Newell recently spoke with PC Gamer and teased the upcoming surprises:

"I can guarantee you people are going to be surprised at stuff we do. That isn't going to stop any time soon. I'm just laughing because... people will be shocked again. We have three pretty big surprises in the next 12 months at least."

As always, Gabe Newell seems extremely confident in the quality of work his team is doing, and also just how much what they're working on will please their fans.

Valve has actually given us a fair amount of surprises already within the past few months, such as Portal 2's announcement. Gabe's surprising confession that it will release for the PS3 as the superior console Portal 2 experience, and (my personal favorite) news that Steve Merchant will voice the lanky, goggle-eyed freak robot companion, Wheatley. I'm assuming this means that the next surprises will not be Portal 2 related, which is alright with me.

I think Mr. Newell knows that everyone has officially gotten way too antsy over the prospect of Half-Life 2: Episode 3, and with years of absolute silence, it's about time they got back to us. Half-Life 2 remains my favorite FPS experience to date, but the lack of information on the supposed ending to this chapter of Gordon Freeman's saga have been grating to say the least. It's coming up on three years since we left Alyx and the gang in the White Forest. I need closure. Then again, Valve, like Square Enix, won't release a piece of software until it's perfect, and they haven't let me down yet. Here's hoping we can finally put an end to the Half-Life Episodes.

Alright, enough from me, what do you all think? Are the surprises just going to be 3 more sequels to Left 4 Dead? Maybe something else entirely? Tell me what you think Valve has in store in the comments.

Portal 2, Valve's best surprise of this year, releases February 9th, 2011 for the PC, Mac, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: CVG

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