Valve Mods: Leaked ‘Half-Life 2: Episode 3’ Concept Art is ‘Legit’

By | 5 years ago 

The legitimacy of Half-Life promotional news and images has, for quite some time, been suspect to criticism by every gamer in existence, but nonetheless new images seem to pop up at least once a month, only to have that information rendered useless by diligent detective work or comments by Valve. The most recent piece of Half-Life 3 (or Half-Life 2: Episode 3) concept art, however, has broken that mold, and been confirmed as “legit” by Valve community mods.

Those images in question, which included new looks at heroine Alyx in various types of clothing, a downed helicopter in a snow-covered wasteland, and some pretty trippy Valve logos, appeared online not to long ago, and for the most part felt like really well done fan art. However, that is not the case, as confirmed by several Valve community mods, who wouldn’t discuss any details, but did say the images are real.

Unfortunately that only means the concept art for Half-Life 2: Episode 3 is real, not the finished product. Gamers have been waiting on news regarding this game for quite some time, but ultimately Valve has failed delivering anything beyond some light teases. There’s no way to even know whether or not Valve is working on an Episode 3 or Half-Life 3, or if they’re even working on anything at all, but knowing that the concept art found is real makes the impossible seem that much more possible.

Valve Mod Confirms Half-Life Concept Art

Clearly these Valve mods know something about the next Half-Life and are bound by NDA not to reveal what exactly that is. Either way, props to Valve, or at least their volunteer moderators, for acknowledging the legitimacy of these images, which was surely a big step towards finally seeing some more Half-Life. Let the countdown and the speculation begin!

Now that we know the concept art for the next Half-Life is real, where would you like to see the next entry in the series go? Will we see anything related to Half-Life 2: Episode 3 before the next console generation?

Source: Steam [via VG 24/7]