Valve Cancels E3 Event and Instead Promises a "Surprise"

One of the events I was really looking forward to attending at E3 this year was Valve's Portal 2 presentation at the Regal Theater. Unfortunately, Valve announced today, in a rather humorous and quirky way, that the event would not be going forward. Instead, we could all look forward to a surprise at Valve's booth:

Dear Subject Name Here,

Aperture Science is pleased to inform you that we have partnered with Valve to announce the gala CANCELLATION of the June 14 Portal 2 event at the Regal Theater. The event will be replaced by a surprise. And even though the cancellation of the event certainly counts as a surprise, we are pleased to further announce that the cancellation of the event is not THE surprise. However, per International treaties regarding the definition of the word “surprise”, of which both Aperture Science and Valve are signatories, the time, date and content of the actual surprise will only become available as you experience the surprise.

If you’d like to ask fruitless questions about the E3 Portal 2 surprise or, more fruitfully, schedule an appointment to attend a Portal 2 screening at the Valve booth during E3, please contact Valve’s Special Envoy to Surprises, Doug Lombardi.

Thank you for RECORD SCRATCH!!!

PS: The surprising record scratch is also not the surprise.

Leave it to Valve to turn a disappointing turn of events into something possibly more intriguing. Even money is on the surprise being Half-Life 3, but whatever it is, it better be big news or there will certainly be a fanboy letdown.

We'll be covering E3 live, so stay tuned to Game Rant for all your E3 needs.

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