'Valkyria Chronicles 3' for PSP Gets An Anime-Style Trailer

Valkyria Chronicles 3 Announced For PSP

For all of you Ranters who have been holding on to the hope that the next entry in the Valkyria Chronicles series would come to a home console, I'm sorry to report that the game is officially slated for release on the PSP.

The new game will be called Valkyria Chronicles 3: Unrecorded Chronicles, and will take place during the same time frame as the original Valkyria Chronicles.

You will playing as three main characters, a hero and two heroines. One of those characters is Kurt Irving, aka Number 7, who is a part of Gallian Army squad 422, also called the Nameless. The name of the squad comes from the fact that most of the members consist of military deserters and criminals, and the Army would rather refer to the members by a number instead of a name.

Of the two heroines, Number 01, or Imuka, is Nameless' ace pilot. She is out for revenge after having her village wiped out by the Valkyria. Number 13, or Riela, is a descendant of the Valkyria, though this fact is unknown to Riela and people around her,

Sega released a trailer for Unrecorded Chronicles at the Tokyo Game Show. Though it contains no gameplay, it's still worth checking out:


It may be a bit too early to judge if Valkyria 3 is going to be as successful as the previous entries in the series. One thing is certain, and that is that the game's announcement has fans talking. On the one hand, you have Valkyria fans who feel disappointed in the choice of platform, and would rather play a new Valkyria game on the PS3. At the same time, there are  fans, old and new alike, that just love anything Valkyria and would play the game on any system.

I myself will give anything a shot, so I don't really have a problem with Unrecorded Chronicles being on the PSP. If anything, I think it will really add to the growing number of quality RPGs, like Kingdom Hears: Birth by Sleep, available for the system. Lets face it -- the PSP needs all the good games it can get.

What matters, though, is what you think, Ranters. Are you for or against Valkyria 3 being developed for the PSP? Let us know with your comments!

Valkyria Chronicles 3: Unrecorded Chronicles is set to be released on January 27, 2011 for the Sony PSP.

Source: Andriasang, IGN

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