How To Use Joy-Cons To Play NES Classic


So far, the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers have resulted in a whole lot of conversation. Since the new Nintendo console was released, users have been trying out the controllers themselves, and have even been pushing the boundaries of Joy-Con use by managing to get them working with PC - albeit with a slight problem. Now, there is even a way to get these controllers working with the much-wanted NES Classic console.

However, the use of these Switch controllers with the retro device isn't the same kind of cost-free setup. Instead, users will have to get their hands on the 8Bitdo wireless adapter for the NES Classic. This third party adapter, which has been available for purchase since the end of last year, has just received an update which allows the use of the wireless Joy-Con controllers alongside other devices.

This is certainly good news for those looking to get the most out of the NES Classic who have also happened to pick up a Switch at launch. After all, although it's an additional cost, it also means that users will not have to deal with the cable for the NES Classic controllers themselves, which is a little on the short side, and will have something a little bit softer on the hands than the angular NES controllers.

nintendo switch joy-con

Of course, the size of the Joy-Cons themselves might not be the best for long-term NES game play, given that they're a little on the small side. Nonetheless, it's still a neat extra option for those who are looking to enjoy the NES Classic without having to get down and dirty with an old-school controller.

It also might be a chance for some of those gamers who have been left frustrated by the Joy-Cons to get away from the Switch and try them on another device. Unfortunately for Nintendo, the Joy-Cons themselves have been subject to some sync issues, with the company citing that the issues are being caused by interference with other wireless objects. Hopefully this will be less of a problem when it comes to the NES Classic, though.

Although the Switch has been Nintendo's major console release, it turns out that the NES Classic was hardly a slouch when it came to sales. The console came third in console sales for January, and many gamers after the system were left empty-handed at release. Nintendo will no doubt be hoping that the Switch is able to become even more of a must-have item.

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