Pennsylvania police manage to nab a man who exposed himself in a Target store and proceeded to pee on the store’s video games thanks to a Facebook posting.

Video games can drive people to do some crazy things. There has been many a controller that has met a grisly end thanks to an ill-planned spike after a loss. Unfortunate games have ended up cracked, snapped, and shredded due to tough levels or unforgiving A.I. Yes, video games can sometimes make people downright pissed. But one Pennsylvania man took things to a new level.

In the sleepy city of Wilkes-Barre, police report that a possibly intoxicated man made his way into a local Target on January 5th. The gentleman, who was apparently not interested in Target’s recently concluded “buy 2 get 1” game sale, proceeded to hop into a handicap electric cart and then tore off through the store. During his rascal scooter assisted adventure, the man made his way to the store’s electronics department. Upon arriving at the video game section, the man removed his already urine soaked pants, exposing himself to the unfortunate shoppers in his vicinity, and proceeded to unleash the liquid equivalent of Bubsy all over the games and accessories displayed.

Game Pee-er

Upon finishing, the gentleman departed the store, sans pants, and made off into the night. Upon his departure, the police were notified, but coming up empty handed, the police decided to play it safe (unlike Grand Theft Auto V‘s gun-ho cops) and opted to release a captured security camera image of the suspect to social media in hopes of drumming up leads. The posting proved helpful, leading the police to arrest the individual on January 7th, with charges for indecent exposure and public urination being prepared.

While the suspect’s identity has not yet been made public, the perpetrator is expected to be announced soon. As for motive, the police will likely add public intoxication to the list of charges, but there is no word on why video games were the target of the man’s pee spree (perhaps he had a vendetta with the bare bones Star Wars Battlefront.) In any case, the game tinkler is off the streets and gamers (and Target employees) can rest assured that games in Target will likely remain pee free. But next time a gamer hears Target is having a liquidation sale, perhaps they shouldn’t take it so literally.

Source: Gamespot