Nintendo Announces Updated Switch Model

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For many months now, there have been constant rumors about an upgraded version of Nintendo's ever popular Switch console. Dubbed by fans as the Nintendo Switch Pro, multiple sources have claimed that this upgraded Switch would release in the future, and the latest rumors claimed that it would be more powerful, have a better battery life, and have more storage space. As of today, it looks like these rumors can finally be put to rest, but not in the way some people might expect.

Last week, Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch Lite, a smaller version of the Switch designed for handheld play, and now the company has announced an updated base Switch model, with its main selling point being improved battery life. While the battery in the current Switch model can sustain between roughly two and a half and six and a half hours of play, this new model, which has not been given any new moniker, is estimated to be able to run for four and a half to nine hours.

As with the current model, the rate at which the battery in the upgraded Nintendo Switch will be expended depends on the game being run itself. An example Nintendo provided was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which the company claims can run for three hours on the current hardware and up to five and a half hours on the new one. Nintendo hasn't clarified how it managed to do this, but it's believed to be a result of a new system-on-chip and updated memory.

These new units will have the model number HAC-001(01), will have serial numbers beginning with XKW, and will be inside new, bright red packaging. Those that are interested in getting and upgraded Switch will need to look out for these things so they don't accidentally buy one of the old models. They'll also be available in the original grey and blue/red colors, and they are even dropping in only a month's time in America, with Europe having to wait until September.

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It's important to note, however, that this is not the Nintendo Switch Pro that some expected Nintendo to release. It has been described as a hardware revision and not an enhancement in the way that the PS4 Pro is. The only significant change is the improved battery, and the new Switch will be sold at the same price as the original.

For those who might still be debating over whether to invest in the Switch Lite, which is currently scheduled to release this September, one of our own has written a handy guide that breaks down the console's benefits and who could stand to purchase one.

The upgraded Nintendo Switch model will launch in mid-August 2019.

Source: The Verge

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