Until Dawn: The 10 Worst Choices You Can Make In The Game

Note: This article will be absolutely riddled with *SPOILERS* for the game Until Dawn.

The great thing about choice-based games is the fact that each and every single choice a player makes during their playthrough can truly impact the conclusion of the game. And with a horror-survival game like Until Dawn, these choices seem to have a lot more weight than other less-lethal games of the same category.

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In Until Dawn, players will follow a group of young adults as they attempt to survive the night on a lonely mountain top filled with rather unfriendly creatures and a sinister backstory that unfolds as the night progresses. If one makes all of the correct choices, they will be able to save their friends and escape the night (relatively) scratch-free. But more chaotic players (or people who are on their second playthrough) might seek to see just how many lives they can end by dawn. This article will outline the decisions a player must make in order to guarantee that they receive the worst ending possible.

10 Turning On Nature

Though this choice seems rather innocuous, players will be given the option to shoot a squirrel at the start of the game. Do not do this unless you wish to achieve the worst ending possible as doing so will result in all of the animals on the mountain being rather unfriendly towards the group.

Several attacks can be spurred by this choice. Also, a character will be faced with the option of attacking a group of animals later in the game. Deciding to attack these animals will result in his immediate death.

9 Always Taking The Long Route

After Jessica has been taken by the monsters, Mike will be sent on a mission to rescue her. He will be given the option to take the safe route or the riskier route. If the player chooses to take the safer route, the chances of finding Jessica alive will decrease dramatically.

A combination of failing the quick-time events and choosing the longer path will result in Jessica being one of the first lives lost in the game.

8 Failing Quick Time Events

There are several moments in the game where players will be presented with quick-time events. The results of these events will directly lead to either the deaths or the survival of several characters. These quick-time events usually involve preventing your character from tripping over something while either being hunted or trying to save another character.

Some failures will result in the death of the character in question while others will result in another character being killed.

7 Being Mean To The Wolf

Though this seems like a rather silly choice, it is important to note that this game is built entirely upon the concept of the butterfly effect. This means that each and every single action and choice a character makes will have consequences (some of which may not be easily predicted at the time.)

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If you decide to treat the wolf that you encounter badly, it will not protect you later in the game.

6 Ignoring Every Weapon

There will be several moments in the game where characters will be able to pick up items that can be used to protect them during later confrontations.

If the player decides to avoid exploring entirely, they will miss out on several important items which will leave the characters vulnerable and will increase the likelihood of them dying. It is important to note that this won't guarantee their deaths as there are other ways to ensure their survival but it will make the trials ahead much more difficult.

5 Shooting Ashley Under The Saw

Though it may seem like you would be doing Ashley a favour by shooting her before the Saw trap in which you find yourselves descends upon you both (as a quick demise seems like a far preferable option,) she will not see this action as anything positive.

If you decide to shoot Ashley, she will not be killed by this action but she will not forget this slight. When Chris is being pursued by monsters, later in the game, she will refuse to open the door for him. This action will lead to him being quickly eliminated.

4 Investigating The Voice In The Mines

Though it might seem rather obvious to never choose to search out the source of any mysterious voice that you hear while exploring an abandoned mine, if a player wants to achieve the worst ending possible (the ending where each and every character is killed before the rescue team arrives,) investigating the source of the voice is the way to go about achieving this.

Send Ashley after this voice and she will be faced with another rather ill-advised decision which will lead to her immediate death.

3 Not Taking The Time To Explore

It is important to note that Josh can only be saved if players have collected every single one of the Twin based hints throughout the game. Whenever you are not being actively pursued by a monster or killer, it is important for players to investigate the areas around them and gather as many clues as possible.

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Ignoring the clues will make surviving the night far more difficult for each and every character and these clues could make solving the mystery as to what exactly is hunting you much easier (which could give you an advantage later in the game.(

2 Leaving Your Flashlight On

There will be several moments throughout the game where characters are being chased by the main villain. In these moments, they will be equipt with a flashlight and given the chance to hide from the killer.

If they forget to turn off their flashlight while hiding, the killer will immediately find you. Turn the flashlight off if you would prefer to not be found.

1 Opening The Trap Door

After Ashley makes the rather ill-advised decision to investigate the creepy voice, she will be presented with a trapdoor. Now, any person with any semblance of intelligence will run away from that trap door and never look back.

However if one is truly determined to make all of the worst choices possible in order to secure the "bad" ending to the game (where there are no survivors) then one should open that trap door. Ashley will run into a rather unfriendly creature shortly after doing so and said creature will quickly detach her head from her body.

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