Sony Disables Twitch Archives for Until Dawn on PS4

Until Dawn - Jump Scare

The popularity of Twitch and Let's Plays has made it so that full playthroughs of brand new games are online within hours of the game going on sale. For some, it's the preferred way to learn about a game, as opposed to reading a review or watching gameplay trailers, and other times it's just good entertainment. Streaming becomes particularly effective (and perfect) when it comes to games of the horror variety; there's just something about watching others get scared.

Until Dawn is one of the latest games to find success through streaming, because it's both a brand new game and one that belongs to the horror genre. It's been a while since the game's initial announcement trailer, but recent reviews (including our own) have given the title what must be a much appreciated boost to its  popularity. As said previously, horror games are incredibly well liked and make for fun Let's Plays for audiences to enjoy, and Until Dawn is no exception, despite the clichés and horror movie tropes.

This makes it pretty unfortunate (and kinda surprising) to hear that Sony has disabled Twitch archiving for the game if it's being streamed via the PS4's native Twitch app. Initially, people were confused about why archives weren't being made of their Until Dawn streams (everything else worked fine), but a tweet from the Twitch Support Twitter account (via Kotaku) cleared everything up: it wasn't a problem with Twitch or any individual's stream, it was Sony doing something on their end:


The company hasn't explained their reasoning behind the move, but there are a couple of potential reasons. The obvious could be an effort to prevent people from spoiling the story, but even then, there are multiple ways the story of Until Dawn can play out, including two scenarios in which all the characters die, or none of them do (check out our How To guide about that). Sure, people can have certain sequences spoiled for them, but it's just as likely that their own game will place them in an entirely different situation.

The second reason Sony may have prevented archiving is because the game isn't out everywhere. Sure, it came out in the US on August 25th, but in the UK, Until Dawn doesn't release until August 28th (according to the game's official page on the UK PlayStation site). This could also tie back to Sony possibly trying to prevent spoilers, but it's futile and, more importantly, unnecessary. Of course, it's also possible this is a mistake that's in the process of being rectified.

Twitch has reached out to Sony to hopefully enable the feature again. Maybe after that, everyone can put this behind them and go back to being on the lookout for jump scares.

Source: Twitch Support on Twitter, Kotaku

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