‘Until Dawn’: PS4 Exclusive Horror Game Gets a Release Date

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Horror game fans have been awaiting Until Dawn for years now. The game has gone through a number of different iterations, originating as a PS Move title for the PlayStation 3 (check out the game’s original trailer), but it has since been reintroduced as a PS4 exclusive built around player choice and encouraging players to go through the game repeatedly to see how the story changes and evolves.

Since its reintroduction as a PS4 exclusive, Until Dawn has gotten more attention. Selling itself on player choice influencing which characters live and die, Until Dawn is the video game version of a slasher movie, starring various 20 somethings being terrorized by a ruthless killer while a snowstorm pelts their mountain-top locale. Until Dawn is purposefully cliche, but if successful it could provide plenty of genuine horror to go along with its ’80s slasher flick cheesiness.

Players can glean a glimpse of the aforementioned plot in the new trailer that Sony has released for the game. Besides a new look at the game’s story, the trailer also announces the Until Dawn‘s official release date. Horror game fans can mark their calenders, as Until Dawn will be available on August 25th.

Alongside the trailer and release date reveal, new Unt. Those that pre-order Until Dawn can look forward to a pre-order exclusive bonus scene starring two new characters, Matt and Emily. Matt and Emily are a couple on the mountain, but they are being terrorized, presumably by the same killer that stalks the main characters of the game.

Until Dawn: PS4 Exclusive Horror Game Gets a Release Date - Until Dawn logo

Speaking of the characters, the new trailer reveals a mysterious character played by Peter Stormare (recently known for his role as Count Vertigo in Arrow). This yet-to-be-named character is older than the rest of the cast, and can be briefly seen in the trailer looking at a number of monitors, apparently depicting the terrors the protagonists are suffering through. Not much is known about his character at this time – so draw conclusions at your own peril – but we do know that Stormare provided full voice work and motion capture. Stormare joins the likes of Hayden Panettiere, and a number of others from Hollywood, who have also provided voice and motion capture work for the project as well.

Back when it was first announced, Until Dawn was a nice surprise for fans of the genre and PlayStation owners. Sony debuted the game unexpectedly during their Gamescom press conference a couple of years back, which makes the sting of Sony sitting out Gamescom 2015 hurt a little more. PlayStation fans will now have to wait until the late October Paris Games Week to see Sony’s Gamescom equivalent press conference, but they should have plenty to show at E3 next month, including another look at Until Dawn.

In any case, hopefully Until Dawn can help make up for the recent transgressions in the genre for those with PlayStation systems. PS4 used to be home of one of the most innovative horror gaming experiences ever with P.T., but Konami recently pulled it completely from the PlayStation Store, and then went the extra mile by cancelling the game it was meant to tease, Silent Hills. Until Dawn may not be quite the same, but maybe it can help fill the void when it releases later this year.

Until Dawn is set to release on August 25th in North America, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Source: PlayStation Blog