Until Dawn: 5 Reasons To Show Josh Some Sympathy (& 5 He's Irredeemable)

Until Dawn presents us with a whole host of interesting characters — including Josh, played by Rami Malek.

WARNING: spoilers ahead. If you haven't completed the game, you have been warned!

We cycle through multiple characters, seeing their story as they join up to spend a night in a cabin on a mountain. It's no ordinary cabin, though — a year ago, Josh's two sisters went missing on this mountain after their friends played a vicious prank. Hannah and Beth may be gone, but Josh invites his friends up there to spend a fun night and remember them. He's clearly a very troubled individual, and there are moments we feel sorry for him and moments where the family tragedy is just no excuse for how he behaves.

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10 Sympathy: His Sisters Died

The obvious reason to feel sorry for Josh is that Beth and Hannah went missing a year ago. It's pretty obvious they're dead, since they were never found, but we can't imagine the lack of closure coupled with the loss of both sisters at once. Josh was asleep when they went missing, so never had the chance to look for them until the morning (presumably), so there may also be some guilt there.

9 No Sympathy: He Made Everyone Uncomfortable

Even from the start of the game, we can see that he makes his friends pretty uncomfortable. In the first clip, Sam is watching a video on her phone where Josh says they're going to "party like pornstars" that night. It seems inappropriate for a night remembering his sisters, and Sam doesn't seem like that kind of girl, so she doesn't look super happy about this. Still, Josh has been through a lot and maybe just needs a night to forget. He and Sam are later revealed to have been close after the passing of his sisters, so maybe her unhappy gaze was more of an eye-roll at his antics than visible discomfort at spending a night partying like crazy.

8 Sympathy: His Friends Were Cruel

His friends were undoubtedly cruel to his sisters. They invited Hannah to a bedroom until the pretence of her hooking up with Mike, the most stereotypically good-looking and "jock"-ish guy in the teenage group. They all hid under a bed to watch this happen, and it was revealed to be a big joke. All of this happened while Josh was asleep and Hannah ran from the cabin, humiliated, chased down by Beth who was very angry at their friends. They were never seen again, and we see in a game that they toppled off a cliff after being chased by a mystery monster.

7 No Sympathy: He Wasn't Very Responsible

Even inviting them to the mountain after what happened a year ago seems irresponsible. Sure, he probably doesn't believe in monsters, but it could have been a serial killer or dangerous animal that got Hannah and Beth. Josh doesn't even seem to consider that when he invites his friends back up onto the mountain.

6 Sympathy: He Has Hallucinations

It's revealed later in the game that Josh has pretty strong hallucinations. He even hallucinates about a manipulative psychiatrist he thinks he's seeing, and he sees Hannah and Beth in corpse-form too. Josh clearly isn't mentally well after having been through so much, and may not be in his right mind when he's putting his friends through so much. He needs help that's above their paygrade.

5 No Sympathy: He Hit Ashley

The pranks on his friends go too far when he hits Ashley, something that deeply angers Chris, who has feelings for her. There's a general moral code that men shouldn't hit men, but it's not just that — no one should hit anyone among friends, but Josh does and has little reason for what he did.

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Ashley ends up with a black eye because of how hard he hit her to knock her out, and wakes up tied to a chair with a gun in front of her. Yikes.

4 Sympathy: He Didn't Actually Intend To Kill Anyone

Despite all of the messed up stuff Josh did, he didn't actually intend to kill anyone. If he'd been the only threat on the mountain, everyone would have survived. He still put them through a lot of pain due to his own issues, but it's quite clear he didn't actually wish them fatal harm and everyone would have left the situation disturbed, even traumatized, but very much alive. Their deaths weren't directly down to him.

3 No Sympathy: He Shouldn't Have Invited Them There

He just shouldn't have invited him there, though. There's a vibe from the very start that something about Josh is off, and if he was going to teach his friends a lesson, was inviting a group of teenagers out to the wilderness a very good idea? No. It's just begging for trouble.

2 Sympathy: No Good Ending

We have to feel sorry for Josh because there's just no good ending for this guy.

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He can die, getting his head crushed by the Wendigo in front of Mike, or he can get dragged off by it, forced to survive on human flesh and eventually becoming one himself. Although the latter is technically included in the 'everyone survives' ending and trophy, it's arguably worse than having his head crushed by the monster. Oh, and either way, the monster is his sister Hannah, who secretly survived for long enough to turn into a Wendigo. Talk about family issues.

1 No Sympathy: Others Don't Get Good Endings Either

But although Josh doesn't get a good ending, the others get some awful endings too. And it's all because of his invitation. Sure, they played a prank a year ago as immature teenagers, but does Matt deserve to get a hook through the jaw? Does Jessica deserve hers ripped off? Do they deserve to die in an inferno as Sam and Mike set the cabin alight?

If we had to pick one of them deserving of a bad ending, it'd be Josh, and the rest deserve sympathy more.

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