Until Dawn Horror Game Trailer Features Tough Choices

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When it comes to video games, horror is one of the toughest genres to get right. While there have been many successful iterations of its ilk throughout the years – the survival-horror classic Resident Evil 2 comes to mind, as well as the sleeper hit Amnesia: The Dark Descent – lots of titles like Aliens: Colonial Marines and AMY fail to truly deliver the proper amalgamation of well-designed gameplay mechanics and creepy, terrifying atmospherics.

Aside from the solid action-RPG Dying Light and the fan-favorite Five Nights at Freddy’s, 2015 hasn’t had a very robust selection of fearsome gaming features from which to choose, nor are there many future prospects available, especially after Konami’s outright axing of the now-cancelled Silent Hills. But now, a new fright-fest contender known as Until Dawn is soon to enter the fray later this month to try and test gamers mettle. For the uninitiated, Until Dawn is an adventure survival-horror title being produced by the England-based development studio Supermassive Games (the team who redeveloped Guerrilla GamesKillzone HD for the PS3) and is being published exclusively for the PlayStation 4 by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Today, Sony released a trailer for the slasher flick-inspired Until Dawn featuring the tough choices gamers will have to make as one of several twenty-something characters stuck at a winter cabin in a snowstorm with a maniacal serial killer on the loose who is attempting to pick them off one by one. Although the above footage shows no actual gameplay, it does imply that players will be constantly faced with decisions as the story progresses.

Until Dawn Horror Game Trailer Features Tough Choices

Ever since it was initially announced as a PS Move title for the PlayStation 3 last year, Until Dawn has gone through several different iterations, eventually arriving as a PS4 exclusive that urges players to go through the game multiple times so as to experience all of the game’s various plot outcomes. As fans move through the story, each of their decisions supposedly will have grave, unforeseen consequences on the main narrative by utilizing what is called the “Butterfly Effect” system. As a matter of fact, in order to understand the entirety of the game’s diegesis, Supermassive Games encourages horror fans to play through again and again until all possible choices have been exhausted.

Seeing as Until Dawn is a narrative-heavy game, it makes sense for the cast to be populated with Hollywood actors like Heroes‘ Hayden Panettiere, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Brett Dalton, and Fargo‘s Peter Stormare. While the inclusion of such thespians’ full voice work and motion-capture adds some gravitas to the title, it’s yet to be seen as to whether or not Until Dawn will successfully scare the pants off of gaming audiences once it becomes available.

Until Dawn is set for release later this month on August 25, 2015 in North America, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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