Until Dawn Guide: How to Find All Collectibles, Totems, & Clues

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Until Dawn is a game filled with seemingly harmless choices, some of which carry disastrous consequences. Supermassive Games’ latest project is a PlayStation 4 exclusive that some would say is more of an interactive movie than a game, but it manages to build upon an entertaining narrative to deliver what turned out to be a scary-good title. Sony may have disabled Twitch streams for Until Dawn because of its cinema-centric nature, but we’ve got some recorded content that will interest those intending to truly complete the game.

By now, gamers already know how to get the best ending, but completionists may want to know how to 100% the game in terms of collectibles, totems ,and clues. Check out the video above for a complete half-hour guide for Until Dawn which details how to get each collectible.

Until Dawn utilizes a very intensive choice-based narrative structure, which places heavy emphasis on the butterfly effect: a character’s choice early on in the game will have seemingly no impact on anything for several chapters afterwards, but then has a large consequence near the end of the game.

The game makes each choice feel significant, and Supermassive Games supplements the storyline with unique gameplay elemements, like ‘don’t move’ mechanic, which forces gamers to hold their Dual Shock 4 controller completely still in order to hide from the terrors of the night. It’s a mechanic that ironically may have come from Supermassive Games’ humble beginning as a light-hearted party game developer, where they produced plenty of similar PlayStation Move-based content. Thankfully, that kind of unique gameplay lends itself well to the horror genre, and the studio has certainly showed its ready to produce more serious content for the big leagues.

Until Dawn Complete Clue Guide

The game features plenty of collectibles and clues throughout the game in all manner of forms, from newspaper clippings and old photographs to seemingly random items littered around the mountain. Finding these clues can provide context the player needs to keep as many of the eight friends alive as possible, and missing clues is a surefire way to put characters in jeopardy.

Each character in Until Dawn is expendable, and missteps throughout the game can cause the death count to build up quickly. Though it’s possible to finish with all eight characters surviving, without the above guide it’s likely safe to say the odds aren’t in your favor.

The guide will also show players how to collect all of the Native American totems, which are usually placed off the beaten path. These totems show four omens: death, danger, guidance, and fortune. As the names suggest, some will show the potential deaths of characters who find them, others will show potential dangers ahead, and others will show possible paths to take. All of them are there to give the player hints on what to either do or not do, and play a key role in helping keep each of the cast members alive.

For a game which even managed to make its trailer an interactive experience, Until Dawn has done a great job in building upon the interactive movie genre. Interested gamers can read our review here.

Until Dawn is out now, exclusively for PlayStation 4.