A pair of developers from Supermassive Games take part in a Reddit Ask Me Anything, debunking rumors of Until Dawn DLC while also teasing the potential sequel.

Yesterday, rumors were swirling about a DLC expansion for Until Dawn called Rush of Blood. The DLC was said to be an on-rails VR shooter that would utilize Sony’s PlayStation VR headset, and would be available at some point in 2016.

An on-rails shooter would be an extreme departure from the core Until Dawn experience, and so the rumor was a little hard to believe, to say the least. As it turns out, Supermassive Games has denied that they are developing any DLC for Until Dawn, let alone an expansion that would hardly be recognizable to fans of the game.

The DLC denial came from a recent Reddit AMA that featured Will Byles and Tom Heaton, the executive creative director and the design director at Supermassive Games, respectively. They bluntly stated, “We are not currently working on any DLC for Until Dawn at the moment.”

However, the language used by the devs does not rule out that the rumored Rush of Blood DLC is being developed by a studio other than Supermassive Games. After all, Until Dawn is a hot new IP for Sony, with surprisingly strong sales, so it makes sense for the company to want to capitalize on its popularity and use it to push PlayStation VR. With Supermassive busy on a new project, reportedly Until Dawn 2, it would behoove Sony to have another one of their studios develop DLC for the game instead.

This would also explain why Rush of Blood is apparently so different from the main game. Perhaps a developer with more experience creating shooters is at work on the DLC, and they’d rather not attempt to recreate the somewhat complicated choice-driven narrative of the core Until Dawn experience.


For now, still consider Rush of Blood little more than a rumor, but if it does exist, we now know it’s being developed by a studio other than Supermassive Games. In the meantime, the same Reddit AMA saw the developers tease the aforementioned Until Dawn 2 somewhat.

“Without giving too much away, we are already working on our next game, and we think and hope that Until Dawn fans will love it. […] Obviously we’re not going to go into specifics but like with Until Dawn we like our stories to tie into existing myths or real history.”

Considering the nature of Until Dawn, we have speculated in the past that the followup would likely follow a different cast of characters and threats. The possibility that the next game in the series could tackle a thematic genre other than horror also seems like something Supermassive could explore with Until Dawn 2. Whatever direction the developers decide to take with the sequel to Until Dawn, we enjoyed the first one, and hope to hear more about it soon.

Until Dawn is currently available as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Source: Reddit