Until Dawn Creator Reveals Multiplayer PS4 Thriller

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Supermassive Games made such a name for itself with the success of Until Dawn that anything new coming from the studio quickly becomes a talking point for fans of thrillers and horror genre tropes. Luckily for fans of the developer, it has been quite busy over the past year, and at E3 2017 Supermassive Games unveiled several new titles that are already being worked on, and fans of smart, tense thrills will have their hands full of troubling scenarios soon enough.

Although the E3 2017 reveal of The Inpatient would likely have been enough for fans eager to see what's next for Supermassive Games, however, the developer took it a step further and also showcased a new title called Hidden AgendaHidden Agenda takes many of its cues from Until Dawn, but has also crucially been described as a multiplayer thriller by Supermassive Games in what could be the next evolution of the modern gaming genre Until Dawn worked to pioneer.

Hidden Agenda puts players in the role of a homicide investigator and a district attorney working a case involving a serial killer named The Trapper. During post-launch analysis of Until Dawn, Supermassive Games noticed that many players involved their friends in the decisions they were making during gameplay, so Hidden Agenda now supports a player and up to five of their friends to vote on decisions using their mobile phones.

Hidden Agenda certainly feels like the next step for the Until Dawn formula of "choices matter". Now, instead of just one player making decisions, an entire group of people will have to arrive at a consensus - or, at least, a majority of them will, which should make for an excellent experience that could also double as the breaking point for a number of friendships should the wrong decision get made.

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Hidden Agenda will release as a PS4 exclusive at some point in 2017.

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