Until Dawn: 10 Most Brutal Possible Deaths, Ranked

There are a ton of ways for various characters to die in Until Dawn. They can perish due to a big choice you make, or just by missing a quick-time event at the worst of times. By the end of the game, every character can die or every character can live depending on how you play. That is the magic of Until Dawn.

There are plenty of videos out there that show the various ways characters can die. We have watched those videos and selected the ten most brutal deaths of the bunch. Obviously, there are spoilers ahead. Also, if you are not a horror fans or are squeamish about body-horror, then proceed with caution.

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10 Death By Fire


Near the end of the game, you have to kill the wendigos by lighting up the cabin with fire. However, it is up to you and your skills as to whether every character makes it out of the house before then. It is possible that you got every single character to live up to this point and then you can ruin it all by killing most of them in the house with the fire.

It is at the top of the list because the death is very fast and it not as bad to see as the others further down the list.

9 Ashley Investigates The Voice


A lot of poor gamers fell for this wendigo trap. If you read all the documents in the game, you eventually do learn that wendigo can copy human voices. Knowing that, it is probably not wise to investigate a mysterious voice in a tunnel that separates you from everyone else.

However, if you investigate the voice then you get this brutal scene. The wendigo takes Ashley and decapitates her. This is high on list because you do not actually see the decapitation. You just see Ashley's horrified face as her disembodied head hits the floor.

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8 Sam's Death

Sam is one of the more bad-ass characters of the crew, as she can only die at the very end of the game. Due to this, we can assume she is either the smartest, strongest, luckiest, or all of the above. Also, she is voiced by the same voice actor as Kairi from Kingdom Hearts. So that is pretty cool.

Her death occurs near the end if you fail standing still, which can be particularly difficult with the motion control function (just set the controller on the ground, and you should be fine). Upon failing, the wendigo grabs same and impales her through the stomach.

7 Josh's Death

It is likely that you have seen this death, as it is basically canon unless you find certain documents (in which case, Josh becomes a wendigo instead). Poor Josh.

Basically, Josh and the wendigo meet and he sees the butterfly tattoo and recognizes his sister. However, that realization does not get much time to settle in, as the wendigo crushes his head between its strong monster hands like a rotten tomato.

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6 Emily And The Grinder

Emily is definitely one of the more hated characters of the bunch due to her mean-spirited ways. However, you have to admit she comes across as somehwat  sympathetic due to all the horrible events she goes through in the game.

This awful death happens if you do not successfully get through certain quick-time events as she is trying to escape a wendigo. The poor woman falls into a grinder! You see everything too. Maybe it would have been better to just let a wendigo kill you instead.

5 Wendigo Gets Jess's Jaw

Jess's most common death happens off-screen if you do not make it to her in time as you play Mike. It is still pretty disturbing though, as you find her body with it missing its lower jaw.

If she survives that phase and later gets caught and killed by the wendigo, then you actually get to see the monster rip off her lower jaw. It looks very uncomfortable.

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4 Wendigo Gets Emily's Eyes

Another way Emily can die is through the eyes. The wendigo have very long nail-claws. At a certain point, the wendigo can catch her and pierce though her eyes with both of its needle-like thumb claws.

It is a quick death, but very frightening to see on your TV screen.

3 Chris's Decapitation


Chris is one of the more funny characters, which makes it possibly more upsetting to see him die. No more jokes, only fear and pain.

This death happens slightly off-screen. In the tunnels, the wendigo and pick up Chris and you just see his body struggling as he is decapitated off screen. What makes it so brutal and low on the list though, is when you see his head land, it is still twitching and making faces. Yikes.

2 Chris Killed In Front Of Ashley

This death is very decision-based. If you choose to point the gun at Ashley when she and Chris are in a sort-of hostage situation, then Ashley holds it against Chris later on. Later, when Chris is trying to escape the wendigo, the door is shut and he needs Ashley to open it at let him in. If you pointed the gun at yourself in the hostage situation, she will let Chris in.

However, if you pointed the gun at Ashley, then she will instead stand there and not open the door for Chris. The Wendigo catches up to him and rips his head off in front of Ashley. While it is partly her fault, she is still shocked and traumatized. This is one of the most brutal deaths because it is not just horrifying physically but also psychologically. You just witness close friends betray one another to add salt to the wound.

1 Matt And The Meat Hook


The most brutal death is awarded to Matt. He doesn't get his jaw ripped off, decapitated, or betrayed by a close friend. Instead he is hung up on a meat hook through the mouth like a fish. You see everything from the wendigo hanging him there, to his kicking feet, to life just leaving his body. What an absolute nightmare.

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