Until Dawn 2 Isn't Currently In Development

Until Dawn Developer Not Working on Sequel - Hayden Pantierre

In an interview with, Supermassive Games managing director Pete Samuels confirms that the studio isn't currently working on Until Dawn 2.

One of the surprise hits of 2015 was the horror game Until Dawn, which released to strong reviews and decent sales despite its somewhat rocky development. Unfortunately for fans of Until Dawn, though, it's now been confirmed by Supermassive Games managing director Pete Samuels that the studio is not working on Until Dawn 2 right now, instead opting to produce different projects.

Some fans expected this to be the case after news broke a couple of weeks ago that Supermassive wanted to go multiplatform and move away from developing PlayStation-exclusive games. Since Sony has the rights to the Until Dawn IP, Supermassive's plan to go multiplatform would prove problematic in terms of developing an Until Dawn sequel.

It will probably be a couple of years before Supermassive unveils its first multiplatform release, however. At the moment, the studio has two games in development, both exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. One is Tumble VR, and the other is an Until Dawn spinoff called Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, which will be an on-rails shooter set in the same universe as the original game.

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In the meantime, those that enjoyed Until Dawn's style of gameplay and storytelling shouldn't be too upset. Samuels made it clear that the studio is looking to create new games similar in style to Until Dawn that explore different thematic genres. In essence, this would allow Supermassive to expand on the work it did with Until Dawn, while also being able to branch out to as many platforms as it wants.

While Supermassive isn't ready to work on Until Dawn 2 just yet, Until Dawn's strong sales and generally positive critical reception mean that it's unlikely that Sony will sit on the IP for too long. It's possible that Sony will seek out a different studio to create Until Dawn 2, or perhaps the company will pursue more spinoffs while it waits for Supermassive to be ready to create the full-fledged sequel.

Regardless of if Supermassive is involved, a sequel to Until Dawn seems inevitable. A sequel has been mentioned since its impressive launch last year, and it seems unlikely that Sony would miss the opportunity to turn the IP into a strong PlayStation-exclusive horror franchise. While some fans may be disappointed that Supermassive may not be working on Until Dawn 2 right now, don't be surprised to see the franchise again in some capacity within the next couple of years.

Until Dawn is available as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.


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