Rumor: Until Dawn 2 Is In Development For PlayStation

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Until Dawn is arguably one of the better horror games from this generation, boasting impressive visuals and a genuinely spooky storyline. However, the franchise has been more or less silent since its debut back in 2015, with the exception of the Rush of Blood VR game. Developer Supermassive Games has since moved on from the franchise, now working on a multiplatform game called The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan, making the odds of a proper sequel slim at best. Or at least those were the assumptions until Supermassive Games Executive Director Pete Samuels said the studio still has exclusive titles in the works for PlayStation.

When asked why Man of Medan wasn't exclusive to the PlayStation brand, Samuels expressed that he wanted the game to have as wide of an audience as possible, but that the studio's relationship with Sony is still "excellent" and that the team is currently working on "several unannounced PS-exclusives."


This opens up a lot of speculation as to what exactly these games could be. The studio has had a long relationship with Sony, helping create everything from Killzone DLC to their very own party game for the PlayStation Move controller, so the possibilities are pretty much endless. The odds of one of those games being Until Dawn 2 seems high given that the game was pretty popular back in 2015. A sequel could easily pick up where the last game left off, especially if it builds off players' previous save file.

However, this is still entirely speculation. There's still a chance that the studio's projects are something entirely new. It is interesting that this news hit after Sony announced they will not be attending E3 2019, as it could add fuel to various rumors about the future of the PlayStation franchise and the possibility of the PS5 being announced within the next few years.

Until Dawn reviewed well when it launched in 2015, and it's highly likely that there won't be another true entry in the franchise for several more years to come. Hopefully, Sony will have something to show off when and if PSX19 happens, but until then gamers will just have to try and get every ending in the first game.

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