‘Unreal Tournament’ Behind The Scenes Video Shows Fast-Paced Combat

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When Epic Games first announced development had begun on a new Unreal Tournament they promised to include fans in the process starting from day 1. Thus far, Epic has stuck to the word, releasing new pieces of concept art and details fairly regularly.

Today, however, we have our most substantial look at Unreal Tournament yet in the form of a behind-the scenes video. In the video, gamers can see how the project is coming together and they can get a sense for how this version of Unreal Tournament plays compared to past iterations.

While the game is obviously still in a somewhat unfinished state, the video does reveal that Unreal Tournament is coming together much faster than some expected. The team at Epic is already getting together for regular Deathmatch play sessions, testing out everything from movement mechanics to weapon balancing.

One thing that seems readily apparent from the video is the speed of play. Unreal Tournament was built on the back of its fast-paced and frenetic gameplay, and if this video is any indication those qualities are well preserved in the upcoming game.

Unreal Tournament Behind the Scenes Video

Similarly, the selection of unique weapons has made the jump to this new game; although it’s unclear what exactly sets each gun apart from the next. We expect that many of the franchise’s staples will make the cut, but this footage only focuses on a few of the weapon options.

Although we still have a lot of questions regarding Unreal Tournament, it appears Epic Games is on the right track. They’ve made a game that looks as fast-paced as the original titles, but is still bursting with personality. Granted, we don’t know how the developer’s approach to the game — i.e. that they are releasing it as a free package and giving fans the power to create and sell their own mods — will work, but that information should come in due time.

However, if you want to be more involved in the development process, Epic is currently taking sign-ups for their development community. Simply head to the official Unreal Engine website and create an account.

What do you think of this early look at Unreal Tournament in action? What do you like about the gameplay? What do you have concerns about?

Source: Epic Games

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