Unravel Two Releases Today With Co-Op

unravel two released today

A very recent leak indicated there may be news about a new Unravel game at Electronic Arts's E3 conference today, and as it turns out, that leak was accurate. Unravel Two has been officially announced with a brand new trailer that also reveals a release date and gameplay footage of a blue Yarny that joins the red Yarny from the first game on a brand new co-op adventure.

At the Electronic Arts E3 conference, fans were very surprised when it was announced that Unravel Two is in fact playable and on sale right away, as the game is completely finished. After the Unravel Two leak earlier, fans were speculating that the release date for the game may be very soon after the Electronic Arts E3 briefing – especially given the suddenness of the ESRB rating – but very few fans expected the game to be released today.

Watch the official Unravel Two trailer revealed at E3 below:

In Unravel Two, players are once again placed in control of Yarny as the little yarn person slowly unravels himself to travel further and further on a side-scrolling journey, similar to that of the first Unravel game. In Unravel Two there is a pair of Yarnys that navigate the various game environments. The Unravel Two trailer shows how the two Yarnys need to team up together and become friend in order to catch the light at the end of the game.

Gameplay footage from the Electronic Arts conference at E3 showed how the red Yarny and the blue Yarny help each other to overcome obstacles in the game by swinging from each other's yarn lassos. Players can either control both Yarnys in single player mode, or in a local co-op mode, two players can control one Yarny each. This new co-op feature that is not found in the first Unravel game, making this adorable game fun for the entire family. Suitably, Unravel Two should serve as a great and relaxing way to wind off the E3 weekend.

Unravel Two is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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