E3 2015: EA Announces Yarn Themed Platformer ‘Unravel’

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One of E3’s great strengths is in its ability to surprise people with previously unannounced titles. While this year saw a large number of games revealed before the conference such as Fallout 4, EA managed to hold a couple announcements back for their own press conference this year.

While fans were no doubt delighted to finally see well-known brands like Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Star Wars Battlefront, and Mass Effect Andromeda, EA also surprised a few people by announcing an adorable physics based platformer called Unravel.

Coming from Swedish developer, Coldwood Interactive, Unravel features a small red creature named Yarny, who’s made entirely from a ball of yarn. Unlike Nintendo’s other yarn based platformer, Yoshi’s Wooly World, Unravel ditches the bright colors and cartoonish world to instead have this creature run through a more realistic and human world as he seeks to piece together the memories of someone’s life.

The debut trailer for Unravel gives a great first look at the title, showing the Yarny using his yarn to swing over a broken wooden bridge, navigating through underground caves, hoping through a flower garden, and jumping through a woodland forest. It’s been confirmed that as the player moves Yarny through the world, the character starts to unravel. How this mechanic may alter the game during a playthrough though is still unknown however.

Unravel Game

While the title looks incredibly charming and cute, the music gives off a different tone highlighted by a piano which may suggest that this game may dip into more melancholy themes. Towards the end of the trailer, fans can see some of the hardships Yarny faces including dodging swooping birds, narrowly avoiding getting crushed by a speeding car, and even navigating through an intense snow storm with just a small light for guidance.

With so many shooters and sports titles on display this year at E3 2015, it’s always nice to see something a bit different from EA. Unravel looks like something a studio like Media Molecule would cook up, showing off a great amount of creativity and heart coming from the team at Coldwood Interactive.

What do you guys think of EA announcing a different style game like Unravel? Let us know below in the comments.

No release date was given for Unravel, but the game is currently available for pre-order for $20 on the PC through Origin.

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