Publisher EA releases an extensive trial of puzzle platformer Unravel, granting PC, Xbox One, and PS4 users access to the indie title’s first level, Thistle and Weeds.

Even though 2016 is a year full to the brim with highly anticipated epic-scale titles, there have been plenty of low-key games that have been expected to have a major impact. One of these games is Unravel, a puzzle platformer from developer Coldwood Interactive which picked up rave previews after its unveiling at E3 2015. Now, publisher EA has given those intrigued about the game a real chance to try it in action.

The publisher has now released a new trial for the title, giving the gaming community a taster of the gameplay that Unravel offers up. The trial itself gives users access to the game’s first level. Certainly, this will prove incredibly useful for those gamers who are still unsure as to whether the game is worth its full retail price after its release back in February.

The trial is available to any gamer who is interested, and can be accessed for PC via EA’s Origin platform, as well as on PS4 and Xbox One. However, PS4 owners may well be getting the best trial of the lot. While PC and Xbox One users have a ten hour restriction on gameplay, this same time limit apparently does not exist for the PS4 version of the trial.

Unravel Gameplay

Unravel picked up plenty of plaudits when it was initially revealed, with gamers wowed by its eye-catching art direction. When the game was released on February 9, however, reviews were generally positive but with some glaring criticisms. Citing the game’s lack of innovation and an apparent exploitation of nostalgia, Unravel was unfortunately seen by some as not living up to the hype.

However, the game still has plenty of defenders, and many gamers have found hours of fun in the title. In fact, some may argue that the backlash seen against Unravel upon its release was perhaps unnecessary. Flying in the face of some current gaming trends, Unravel still found some fans through its light-hearted gameplay focus and retro feel, but that development decision may have damaged its critical reception.

This might point towards exactly why EA has decided to release such an extensive trial of the game. If Unravel’s sales and general reception have been disappointing, then giving gamers the chance to check out the game for free could lead to improved word of mouth regarding the title, and therefore hopefully bring in more sales. Whether or not this strategy works for EA, however, remains to be seen.

Unravel is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: VG 247