Unravel 2 Dev Wants to Bring the Game to Nintendo Switch

unravel two released today

Martin Sahlin, Creative Director of Unravel Two creator Coldwood Interactive, has expressed on Twitter that he'd like his newest game to be available on Nintendo Switch. The sequel was announced and released during EA's press conference in a surprise reveal last night, showcasing to fans a new spin on the beloved indie darling by adding in robust co-op mechanics.

Unravel Two revolves around the adventures of Yarny, the protagonist of Unravel, as he explores a new world with a blue co-op partner. The puzzle mechanics of the game revolve entirely around the presence of another player, so the inherently cooperative elements of the Nintendo Switch seem to many fans to be a great fit for the game. Unfortunately, as Martin Sahlin says in his tweet, the studio just doesn't have the resources to make that port happen.

Sahlin's follow-up tweet tells us that the team hasn't "given up" yet, however. It's not unusual for games to release on Nintendo Switch after their initial release date, so it's entirely plausible to think that the game may get a re-release on Switch some time in the future.

If the game were to release on Switch later on, it would certainly be some time far off in the future. Like Martin says, a port can take a whole lot of work if it isn't planned from the get-go. If a project like that isn't already underway, it would take quite a bit of time and effort to make it happen now. Still, if a game as old as Diablo 3 can be considered, there's always hope.

That being said, there's no denying that the playful tone and imagery of Unravel would work absurdly well on the Switch platform. If Nintendo and Coldwood were ever to strike a deal to bring Unravel Two to the Switch, it most certainly would have a home in the libraries of Switch owners everywhere.

Unravel Two is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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