Yesterday marked the release of the first multiplayer DLC pack for Mass Effect 3 and if you’ve downloaded it but haven’t had any luck acquiring the new characters through the random reinforcement packs, this weekend’s N7 Bounty Weekend multiplayer event is here to help.

Last week’s Operation Beachhead N7 Multiplayer weekend teased the upcoming DLC, confirming leaked screenshots from a month earlier that Geth and Batarian characters would become playable via DLC, and BioWare made if official early on Friday before their Mass Effect 3 panel at PAX East.

The Resurgence Pack DLC adds a pair of new maps, six new characters, three new weapons and a few consumable upgrades, but outside of the selectable maps, it’s all random as to when players will acquire the other content by buying the more expensive reinforcement packs with in-game credits or using real-life money.

Since last weekend’s multiplayer event was a “Multiplayer Weekend” (read: bonus XP), this weekend had to be a “Bounty Weekend” (read: earn reinforcement packs), and Operation Resurgence is the easiest challenge yet. Simply download the free Resurgence DLC by this weekend and you’ll get a Reserves Pack containing at least one guaranteed new character.

Operation BEACHHEAD eased the pressure on allied planets and freed up conventional forces that were being hammered by the Reapers. With these reinforcements, the allies can use RESURGENCE to target more critical infrastructure.

Anyone who has the Resurgence Pack multiplayer DLC operational during this weekend will be granted a Reserves Pack. A Reserves Pack unlocks one of the new random alien classes guaranteed.

All participating squads will earn +10% additional experience when playing on the Resurgence expansion’s new maps, Firebase: Condor and Firebase: Hydra.

I finally managed to unlock one today:

Mass Effect 3 Batarian Soldier Unlock

Here’s hoping for the Geth Infiltrator next!

As for Operation Beachhead, keep it going! The Bounty weekends are what keep players playing and I’ve gotten to the point where having 25% more experience is meaningless. There needs to be something to play for and unlocking new weapons and characters is just what we need.

If you’ve yet to download the content, here’s a breakdown of what exactly comes with the Mass Effect 3 Resurgence DLC.

Unfortunately, PS3 users are still out of luck and the event is only for PC and Xbox 360 players. Why? Because Sony won’t allow EA and BioWare to run the promotion. Operation Resurgence runs from Friday, April 13th at 5PM PST to Monday, April 16th 5AM PST.

Mass Effect 3 is now available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Source: BioWare