Unlock Rare Pokemon With This Simple 3DS Hack

Pokémon - Hoopa

According to Bulbapedia, there are 721 Pokemon - at least, as of Pokemon X and Y (aka Gen. VI). 700, some may note, is a rather large amount of, well, anything.

Since the Pokemon series began in the late 90s, Nintendo has added more and more of the pocket monsters to each new game while simultaneously introducing players to a new region. And with every addition, people are still encouraged to "catch 'em' all," regardless of how much more difficult or tedious the process has become.

Between the Mystery Gift items that lead to rare Pokemon, to the ones that are only given out during special Wi-Fi events, it's become easier and easier to miss out on a particular Pokemon if a player is aiming to complete the Pokedex. Unsurprisingly, unofficial methods have been developed that allow people to hack their games and give them any item or Pokemon they want. Pure players may frown upon theses acts because the pocket monsters were not earned, but most hacked Pokemon are nearly identical to the legitimate versions, so how much harm is really done?

This is all just to say that there's now a new way to get rare Pokemon, and it doesn't require an outside program or new piece of hardware. In fact, all that's needed is the Nintendo 3DS; New 3DS XLs, for one reason or another, aren't compatible, though.

Pokémon - Gotta catch 'em all

The process, as explained in a Reddit post by user Frocharocha, involves the 3DS camera, QR codes, and only consists of seven steps. It works with Pokemon X/Y and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, save for the Shiny Altaria with Altarianite QR code, which, apparently, will result in a lost save file if used on X/Y.

1. Clean your 3DS browser history and cookies.2. Inside your game go to your PC Box and leave Box 1 Slot 1 empty.3. Leave the PC Box and leave your character in front of it.4. Press 3DS home button and hold L+ R to open the camera.5. Scan and read the QR code from the Pokemon you want.6. Wait for the link to open and wait, when the browser crashes, go back to the game.7. Open your PC Box, your Pokemon will be there.

A few of the Pokemon that can be gained using this method include Mew (of course), Event Darkrai, Surfing Pikachu (the only one that matters) and Hoopa - who Nintendo just revealed last month.

There's no telling when this exploit will be patched (if ever), so if you're itching to mess around with one of the recent Pokemon games and unlock some different Pokemon, go for it. As said before, how much trouble is it causing?

How many of you out there think you'll give Frocharocha's method a go? Or do you want to complete the National Pokedex in the most legitimate way possible? Don't forget to take advantage of the free past starter Pokemon.

Sources: Frocharocha on Reddit (via Kotaku)

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