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Pokemon Black White Deino Unlock

Nintendo has had a lucky streak with a certain franchise of theirs: Pokémon. Pokémon has been around for fifteen years and has spawned over thirteen games. For the handheld titles, a  certain feature called Event Pokémon has been around since players first glitched their games into finding that elusive legendary character known as Mew (remember, surf south of Cinnabar).

A YouTube user posted a video with detailed steps on how to receive a new event Pokemon through the Nintendo Global Trade services. The Pokemon is Deino, a Dark/Dragon type.  Received at level 1, Deino has a modest nature (meaning its physical attacks will be more powerful), and has the moves Tackle, Dragon Rage and Dark Pulse. Also, to make the deal even sweeter, the Pokemon comes with maxed stats, meaning it's gonna be a heck of a fighter in a battle if trained properly.

For those not in the know, an event in Pokemon is where Nintendo puts out a nice little reward for players, or nice little incentives to draw in new players. Such instances have occurred in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, where the player was capable of receiving the MysticTicket, a Key item that allowed players to visit a previously unavailable area in the game where Lugia, the mascot for Pokémon Silver, can be caught. Another instance is where Celebi, obtained from the Pokémon Black Version and White Version Tour that traveled across the States), makes available to the player Zorua in Pokémon Black/White.

Unfortunately, the method of obtaining this Deino might be unavailable to you players who don't have the Nintendo DS lite and backwards. When I followed the video's instructions (I own a DSi XL), the method failed, leading me to refer to an older DS. After switching to the DS Lite, the method worked, and the Deino was tucked away on my Pokemon White cartridge.


Recently, Pokémon Black and White have seen the releases of Victini, Zorua and Zoroark, legendary Pokemon that are only available if you've met specific requirements, such as receiving an item called the Liberty Pass (Victini), or receiving a legendary Pokemon to reveal both Zorua and Zoroark's presence in the games. Nintendo has its ups and downs when it comes to the event Pokemon it releases; as of late, it seems as if they're focusing on giving as much as they can to their other fans outside of Japan.

Nintendo's first, official event was during the second generation of Pokemon, in the Gold, Silver, and Crystal editions; an event Celebi was given away at events. As time went on, and advances in technology and the internet access rise, the ability to have events is furthered, and expanded overseas easier. The newest events, still yet unannounced, will unlock Keldeo (a Grass/Fighting type), Meloetta (a Normal/Psychic or Normal/Fighting type), and Genesect (a Bug/Steel type).

There's no date as to when this event will be over, but if you can, take the time to try it out. The event works, and if you're a hardcore Trainer, grab one while you can, because it's a pretty sweet deal.


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