Video game developer Quantic Dream is in the process of wrapping up an auction that would give the winner screen rights to its successful and generally acclaimed murder mystery, Heavy Rain.  Unique Features, a studio founded by ex-New Line CEOs Bob Shay and Michael Lynne, is reported to have won the bidding war and is currently progressing toward a finalized deal.

While all logic and past experience seems to indicate that Heavy Rain: Now It’s a Movie! will fall into the all-consuming black hole of suckiness that’s reserved exclusively for video game adaptations and family comedies involving animals, it’s possible that Shay and Lynne just might be the guys to pull it off.  During their time at New Line, the studio released Se7en, American History X and a little known franchise called The Lord of the Rings.  Shaye also directed the underrated The Last Mimzy and produced the original Nightmare on Elm Street.  Then again, they were also ultimately responsible for Rush Hour 3 and the Final Destination sequels, so there’s that.

Of course, it would be hard to include all of Heavy Rain‘s nonsensical plot twists and ridiculous red herrings in a two hour run-time, so the film may end up telling a more cohesive and superior story to that of the game.  Put together a believable cast and get David Fincher to direct and I’ll be singing “JAY-sun!” all the way to the theater.

So who would you like to see in a Heavy Rain film?  Sound off in the comments section.

Source: Deadline