Kid Wins an Xbox One and Hilariously Fails to Generate Any Excitement

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As one of the biggest annual events across mediums, Comic-Con is a rather exciting venture to read up on – let alone attend. While the vast majority of consumers are forced to sit out the event in San Diego, there’s still a lot to stem from the event that’ll have people excited to see more. Of course, there’s an ample amount of gaming news eminating from the show as well, much of which is coming from the house of Gates itself, Microsoft.

Aside from making several major announcements in regards to the Xbox One being bundled with Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, or even the newly unveiled and massive Warzone map in Halo 5: Guardians, the company has been rewarding its fan base by giving away a number of different prizes. The opportunity to win something along the lines of a brand new console would excite many – evidently, it’s not enough to excite everyone though.

As Microsoft’s Comic-Con festivities got underway, the company began handing out a ton of swag to its fans through competitions on the show floor. One unnamed gamer managed to best his fellow competitors and earn an opportunity to win a prize from the Xbox “prize wheel”. As the randomizer stopped on an Xbox One to award the younger player a brand new console, however, the Comic-Con attendee hilariously failed to generate even the most minute ounce of excitement.

Unexcited Kid Wins Xbox One

Comedically shuffling off without a word following his acquisition of the gaming platform, the host of this segment is left standing there baffled by just how uninterested the guy was about his prize. While it may have been an awkward segment to record, the masses are now left with a clip that’s pure gold. Undoubtedly, given the hilarity of the broadcast, it’s sure to become a rather popular video amongst internet goers and gamers alike.

In the guy’s defense, it’s possible that he may have been suffering from a little stage fright since he was on camera, or maybe the gamer already owned an Xbox One and just wasn’t all that thrilled to receive a second. Whatever the reason, fans of gaming in general are now left with another YouTube classic. On another note, there are still 20 custom Xbox One systems still to be given away, so maybe the people that receive those will be a little more vocal.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how funny did you find this guy’s reaction? Would you have been excited to win an Xbox One? Get at us in the comments.

Source: YouTube