‘Uncharted’ Confirmed for PS4; First Teaser Trailer Released

By | 3 years ago 

As they promised, Sony took to their PS4 launch event in New York City ready to make some major announcements. With all eyes focused on the PS4, they knew it was the perfect opportunity to tease what the future holds for their next-gen console.

And as far as that future goes, it looks like Naughty Dog’s action adventure franchise will be making the jump to next-gen in a new Uncharted game developed exclusively for PS4. The game was teased in a short trailer, which you can watch above.

Although the trailer is decidedly lacking in gameplay (read: there wasn’t any), the important thing to take away is that Naughty Dog is not done with the Uncharted franchise. They are ready to bring Sony’s blockbuster franchise to the next-gen platform, and will presumably not make fans wait long for this sequel.

Uncharted PS4 Teaser Trailer

The trailer features a foreboding narration from an unnamed character (voiced by Todd Stashwick) as the camera pans across what appears to be a treasure map. The narration is fairly wordy, but the gist is that this character was betrayed, left to “rot” for 15 years, and now wants revenge.

Who this character wants revenge against, however, isn’t quite as clear, but easy money and a lack of info leads us to believe it’s Nathan Drake. We wouldn’t be so fast to completely assume Drake’s return, though, as the trailer makes no mention or allusions to the character…at least as far as we can ascertain. Naughty Dog Co-President Evan Wells was quick to point out that there are some clues hidden within the teaser, so chances are we’ll know more about this game in a few hours.

Similarly, a release date and a subtitle (if there is one) for this game are a mystery. Chances are Sony wanted to simply confirm a new Uncharted game was coming if only to build buzz and maybe sell a few more PS4 units tomorrow. In fact, we had heard rumors earlier this year that Sony might make this announcement at E3 2013, but that never came to pass.

The good news is that Uncharted is coming to the PS4, but the bad news is we know next to nothing about the game. Let the speculation begin.

Are you ready for Uncharted to make the leap to next-gen? Do you see any clues in the trailer? How would you feel if Nathan Drake was not the hero of this game?

Source: Sony