Hot on the heels of the news that the NGP might be trading its more formal moniker for the title ‘Vita’ comes another Vita-related rumor, this time centered on the Uncharted franchise. According to a trusted source from RipTen, the first Uncharted title developed for Vita will be subtitled ‘Golden Abyss.’

Unfortunately, RipTen’s source doesn’t go into any detail as to how ‘Golden Abyss’ figures into the plot of the game or any plot specifics at all for that matter, only that along with trademarking the term ‘Vita’ Sony also trademarked ‘Golden Abyss.’ Of course this is purely speculation from an outside source at this point, but when it comes to Uncharted, a series that ranks high in gamers’ hearts, it’s hard to pass up any details on another game.

While this might seem a likely subtitle for the game, considering the series’ obsession with priceless artifacts, it lacks the double entendres that the previous titles’ have hinted at. Of course, a hand-held title for Nathan Drake is a whole new ball game, which could hint that Sony, Naughty Dog, or a new developer could be taking the series in a new direction.

Really the most important concept to take from all of this is that an Uncharted game most assuredly is in development for the NGP/Vita. It might not boast the same features as its PS3 brethren — especially if the NGP’s touch capabilities come into play — but we expect the core concept of the game to remain intact.

With E3 2011 right around the corner, not only should gamers anticipate more news about Uncharted, both Drake’s Deception and this new hand-held title, but a ton of NGP/Vita-related reveals. As Sony themselves has said that they are more focused on their NGP development than working on the PS4, it stands to reason they have some really strong first and third party titles on the way.

Whether one of those titles is Uncharted: Golden Abyss or if it is simply Uncharted, is yet to be revealed, but gamers can rest assured that even though his movie career might not have gotten off to the best of starts, Nathan Drake will be in the palm of your hand very soon.

What storyline would you like to see this first Nathan Drake NGP adventure follow, if it is indeed subtitled ‘Golden Abyss?’ Does Uncharted on the NGP/Vita hold as much appeal as a home console title does?

Source: RipTen