Uncharted movie script writer Joe Carnahan reveals that the draft of the Uncharted movie is now complete, with the writer stating that the script is ‘monstrously cool.’

Since the start of the Uncharted series, many video game fans have wondered about how the adventures of Nathan Drake would look on the big screen, so it’s no surprise that an Uncharted movie was so promptly picked up. Since the first announcement of an Uncharted feature film back in 2009, however, the project has been plagued by problems, and many fans have been wondering if the movie would ever get off the ground. Thankfully, script writer Joe Carnahan has had some good news to reveal.

Over the weekend, Carnahan took to Instagram to share something special with Uncharted fans – a picture of his finished draft. Carnahan also further reiterated the meaning of this share, with the message “done and dusted.” Of course, there is still plenty left to be done on the project before the movie will be complete, as Carnahan rightfully points out: “new the REAL work begins.”

The writer also took the time to big up the quality of the finished draft, which will no doubt be a relief to hear for gamers who have been waiting nearly eight years for progress on the movie. “If there’s a more monstrously cool action script in Hollywood right now, I wanna read it, ‘cuz this thing is a BEAST,” said Carnahan, whose previous projects include Smokin’ Aces and The Grey.

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It’s been a few months of change when it comes to the Uncharted movie, meaning that the milestone of reaching this draft is certainly an important one. When the film lost its release schedule place from Sony, many fans feared the worst, before Stranger Things and Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy was announced to direct. Levy has apparently been very keen on Carnahan’s work, which bodes well for the production of this film.

Just how well this project compares to previous speculation remains to be seen, but given the amount of changes behind the scenes, it might be wise to throw out those old comparisons to National Treasure until more details are revealed. Indeed, with the long-suspected involvement of Mark Wahlberg now ruled out, there’s bound to be plenty of intriguing reveals ahead.

Whether that leads to the final product being of a suitable standard remains to be seen, but hopes are high that Uncharted will be one of a number of high profile upcoming video game movies that will buck the trend of failure that continued into 2016. With the Uncharted video games often being compared to movies themselves, perhaps this series is in a better position than most to set a new course into film adaptation success.

The Uncharted movie does not have a release date, but filming is expected to complete in 2017.