The Uncharted Movie No Longer Has a Release Date

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Sony Pictures removes the Uncharted film from its upcoming release schedule, prompting some concern from fans over the action movie's production status.

As fortunate as Naughty Dog has been to produce some of the greatest modern games in both the Uncharted series and The Last of Us, the developer has been much less lucky when it comes to turning its popular narratives into bonafide Hollywood films. Uncharted 4 and Last of Us game director Neil Druckmann recently claimed that the Last of Us film is stuck in development hell despite the game's revered status in most video game communities. If nothing else, however, Naughty Dog's pursuit of an Uncharted film had been making progress after some early difficulties, and fans of the studio could at least be sure one of their favorite games would make it to the silver screen soon.

That was the case until yesterday, when Sony Pictures, the film studio tasked with bringing Uncharted to Hollywood, removed the project from its upcoming release schedule. The Uncharted movie was slated to debut on June 30, 2017 before it was quietly dropped from the Sony Pictures' upcoming film lineup, and was believed to be a promising addition to the film studio's production schedule due to the Uncharted series' heavy use of cinematic cutscenes already.

The last update regarding the Uncharted movie confirmed that The Grey writer and director Joe Carnahan would be in charge of the film's script, with the writer taking to Twitter today to state that "the opening scene for least in script form, is really, REALLY GOOD". After years of the project floating around Hollywood aimlessly since its initial announcement in 2009, Carnahan's arrival to the film was thought to be a sign that it was finally moving forward after several directors committing to and subsequently leaving the adaptation.

It's a strange situation, compounded by the fact that it has never been a better time to make a video game movie than right now - Blizzard's Warcraft became the highest grossing video game movie ever this past summer, and caused a lot of film critics and fans alike to reconsider the viability of adapting games to the silver screen. The Uncharted series itself has also found the most success it has ever seen, with Uncharted 4 receiving perfect review scores in many publications and creating a buzz around series protagonist Nathan Drake that could make him an appealing role for high-profile actors.

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That being said, however, Hollywood has always been hostile territory for video game films, and Warcraft alone isn't going to change that. It's possible that the Uncharted movie has simply been met with another delay, but until Sony Pictures releases an official statement, fans hoping for Nathan Drake on the silver screen will be fearing the worst.

What do you think of the sudden absence of the Uncharted movie from Sony Pictures' upcoming films list? Is it a bad sign, or just another delay for a movie that has already spent seven years trying to get made? Let us know in the comments below.

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