Uncharted Movie Loses Its Director

Dan Trachtenberg

It's been a weird few days for Sony, at least as far as movies go. The company was unable to close a deal with Disney over the rights to Spider-Man, meaning the character will likely be exciting the MCU. But, the studio has now also lost Dan Trachtenberg as its director for the upcoming Uncharted movie, which crazy enough, is also set to star Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake.

Sony is now searching for a new Director in lieu of Trachtenberg, though the company is confident that they'll have a replacement by the end of Summer. Luckily, the Uncharted movie still hasn't entered production yet. This means that Trachtenberg's replacement won't inherit someone else's creative vision, which can often lead to a jumbled product - both in films and in games. That being said, even Neil Druckman approved of Trachtenburg as Uncharted's Director, and it's pretty disappointing not having him on the project.

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Last year, Sony announced PlayStation Productions, a studio dedicated to bringing popular PlayStation properties to life in both movies and TV series. The Uncharted movie is slated to be the studio's first project, and it seems highly likely that Sony will make sure it's handled properly. Enlisting Tom Holland to star was a good first move, as he's beloved by the general public at this point.

That being said, Holland apparently unfollowed Sony on Instagram after the news that they couldn't reach a deal with Disney over the Spider-Man license. That likely indicates the actor is unhappy with Sony at the moment, though fans will have to wait and see if he's unhappy enough to back out of the project. The only actor fans would want to replace him would likely be Nathan Fillion, who starred in an Uncharted fan film last year, much to the delight of the game series' player base.

Video game movies have a long history of being bad, but Uncharted will hopefully be an exception. There are quite a few fans that would be upset with a bad portrayal of Nathan Drake, especially after his sendoff in Uncharted 4, which released to stellar reviews. Only time will tell, but hopefully, Sony is able to find a director that is able to successfully translate Uncharted's characters to the big screen.

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Source: Deadline

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