Back in June, Screen Rant reported that an adaptation of the successful and awesome Sony PS3 exclusive game, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was underway and that Kyle Ward would be writing the script.

According to our friends at Latino Review, this is no longer the case and Sony isn’t interested in waiting on Ward and his other contractual commitments (Ward is currently working on the script for Kane & Lynch as well as the in-development sequel to the not-good movie, Hitman).

To replace Ward, Sony is having their hit video game franchise written into a movie adaptation by Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, the partners who also worked together on the Conan reboot.

As any aware gamer knows, Uncharted and its sequel are developed Naughty Dog, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment only for PlayStation 3. The story follows Nathan “Nate” Drake and journalist Elena Fisher on an adventure which starts with him searching for the coffin of one of his ancestor’s that they find out, only contains a diary.

The diary proves that Sir Francis Drake isn’t dead after all, that he faked it as Nate believes and the journey to find the the fabled city of gold with pirates in pursuit and many exotic and interesting locations to explore.

The game feels and plays like a film so there’s no doubt that Sony would want to share their property with movie-going audiences.

Stay tuned for more from Game Rant & Screen Rant on future Uncharted projects. This franchise would make for a perfect set of films if done right but as history shows, that’s nearly an impossible thing to hope for at the moment. This can easily change with the upcoming plethora of movies based on major video game titles.

What do you think?

Sony would like Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune to hit theaters some time in 2011.

Source: Latino Review