‘Uncharted’ Movie Gearing Up for a 2016 Theatrical Release

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It’s hard to deny the fear that usually accompanies the announcement of a game-to-film adaptation. Whether this is due to inflated expectations or a lack of respect for the source material, movies based on video games have a rather poor track record. This is not to say that achieving success in that field is impossible though, so when Sony announces a release date for the Uncharted movie, people listen.

Reigning in as one of the premiere exclusives to debut on Sony‘s last console, the Uncharted series represents one of the strongest attempts at recreating the high-octane action of Hollywood films in the industry. For this reason alone, it seems like a logical choice to make the transition to the silver screen. With San Diego Comic-Con 2014 gearing up to unleash its nerdy goodness, gamers are in for an early treat as the Uncharted movie has received an official release date.

According to Deadline, Sony has announced that the Uncharted movie will find its way into theaters everywhere on June 10, 2016. Keen comic book fans may notice this as the day originally held by The Amazing Spider-Man 3. The Uncharted movie is set to be directed by Seth Gordon with a screenplay being written by David Guggenheim. The project will be a joint production of Arad Productions and Atlas Entertainment.

Uncharted Sales, Game of the Year Edition, and Films

While Avi Arad has produced films like Iron Man and The Amazing Spider-Man, Atlas Entertainment is currently working on the hotly-anticipated Warcraft film directed by Duncan Jones. The project is still undoubtedly in its early stages, but the team behind this motion picture is looking promising. With other recent gaming releases like Thief and The Last of Us preparing to make their way to theaters, gamers evidently have a lot to be excited about — or a lot to fear, depending on how you look at it — in the coming years.

Despite there being no information as of yet as to who will play the iconic Nathan Drake, some are beginning to speculate Mark Wahlberg, although it’s hard to forget fan-favorite Nathan Fillion. Even voice actor Nolan North himself could find himself donning Drake’s dirty tee. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess who will be chosen for the role.

With the release this new nugget of information, it’s important to not forget the fact that there’s also a new Uncharted game on the horizon to get excited about. Drawing influence from The Last of Us, it’s hardly a stretch to assume that Uncharted 4 will be a massive release. With the possibility that this latest installment will represent a new direction for the series, the next year is sure to be rife with Nathan Drake-inspired news.

Do you think the Uncharted film will buck the negative film adaptation trend? Would you like to see the film follow the plot of the games or tackle something different entirely?


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Source: Deadline