The Uncharted franchise is a series about treasure hunters, and so it’s fitting that all of the games in the series have a slew of collectible treasures for players to unearth. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, the standalone expansion for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End starring Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross, is no different, tasking players with finding all the treasures to fully complete the game.

In total, there are 68 treasures to find in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, spread out across the game’s nine chapters and prologue. Some of the treasures are fairly easy to find, whereas others are hidden rather well. But worry not, as this guide will help players find every single treasure in the game in chronological order.

For those that would prefer a video walkthrough, we recommend this guide put together by the PS4Trophies YouTube channel:


There is only one treasure to collect in the game’s prologue, and it’s actually one that can’t be missed as it’s required to move the story forward. Meenu, the little girl that follows Chloe around in the prologue, actually manages to pickpocket her Ganesh Figurine. Upon confronting Meenu, players will be prompted to swipe the Ganesh from the little girl’s hand.

Chapter 1

Like the prologue, there is only one treasure to collect in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy‘s first chapter. On the roof where Chloe sees the city bombed in the distance, there is a blue barrel in clear sight, under a tin roof and just beyond the clotheslines. The second treasure, a Sterling Silver Cigarette Case, is sitting right on top of it.

Chapter 2


After dropping down onto the roof with the long grass, look to the right to see a shack with some barrels and a shovel next to a bucket. Go to the edge of the roof here to find the Bullet Whistle treasure. Next slide down the zipline and quietly eliminate the guard. Take a peak inside the shack the guard was patrolling in front of to find the fourth treasure, the Military Service Lighter, sitting on the table.

The fifth treasure comes a bit later in the level, right after the cart-moving puzzle. The cart will fall, smash through the roof below, and send Nadine through the ceiling. After this happens, return to the spot where the cart was moved to find the treasure, the Utility Spork, sitting on the ground next to some empty boxes.

The sixth treasure can be found after jumping into the hotel with the purple light coming through the window. Instead of moving forward through the lit room, check out the small alcove to the left. There’s a desk against this wall where players can find the sixth treasure, the Traveling Inkwell.

The seventh treasure, and the last one found in chapter 2, can be found during the part where Chloe is walking around the room with a lantern. There is a crate next to the large window that can be examined for the Tactical Compass.

Chapter 3

chloe frazer uncharted the lost legacy

Chapter 3 is going to be a little more difficult when it comes to finding treasures, as it is less linear than the previous two levels. At any rate, play through the stage like normal until reaching the pool with all the flamingos. In the center of this body of water, right in front of the waterfall, is a large rock. Check the other side of the rock to find a treasure just beneath the surface of the water. Pick it up to collect the Guta Empire Coins.

Keep playing through the level until the shootout begins at the ruins. Kill the enemies and then climb up the wall to find a suspicious-looking brick wall. As it turns out, this wall can be destroyed with explosives, so chuck a grenade at it to blow it up. On the other side of the wall is the Silver Water Jar treasure.

Back in the jeep, players will start driving through some ruins and then upstream. Follow the stream until reaching two waterfalls, and then check the small cave located between them to find the Golden Fish Statuette. Then continue the story until reaching the point where Chloe jumps down back into the jeep and Nadine scoots over to let her drive. Instead of driving forward, jump back out of the jeep and check a stone table to the right of the vehicle to find the Mango Crystal Scent Flask.

Chapter 4

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Where to Find All Treasures - Chloe and Nadine cliff

The area to explore in chapter 4 is even larger than chapter 3, with players free to explore a semi-open world as they search for the 19 treasures that can be found in this level. There are also some treasures that can only be accessed after finding all 11 Hoysala Tokens and obtaining the Queen’s Ruby item, so potential treasure hunters should keep that in mind.

The first treasure, the 12th one total, that we’re going to find is the Trinket Box. Take a look at the map and travel to the bottom right corner. There is a cave system here, a raging river, and some waterfalls. The Trinket Box treasure can be found here in plain sight in the cave.

A little north of where the Trinket Box is located is a small island with three big waterfalls. At the bottom of these waterfalls is a rock ledge that can be climbed, and that’s where the Ancient Stone Jar can be found. Now follow the path to the east to be at the top of the rivers that lead into the waterfalls. Hug the right side to find a small stone pillar, and the Stag Horn Box treasure can be found sitting at the pillar’s base. To make sure Chloe and Nadine are in the right place, be sure to look for some bright purple foliage.

Now go north again, across the land mass and to the next waterfall. Get above the waterfall, either by driving up the path with the jeep or climbing, to reach a path with a gnarled, moss-covered tree growing against a rock. Treasure 15, the Ivory Casket, can be found on the ground right in front of the tree.


Go northwest from here to find an old elephant statue. Climb on it and shimmy around to its left eye socket, where Hoysala Coin – not to be confused with the Hoysala Tokens – can be found. Now open the map and take note of the rock formation to the north. Travel just beyond that to find some small towers. The easternmost tower should have the next treasure, the Jade Archer’s Ring. From the tower, go northwest and take note of the lockbox sitting in front of the next tower. The 18th treasure, the Miniature Bronze Cannon, can be found inside, along with some other goodies, including a golden gun.

For the next three treasures, players first need to find the 11 Hoysala Tokens and unlock the path to the monkey temple. The treasures are sitting in plain sight in a little stone building here:  the Hoysala Kukri, the Inscribed Copper Plate, and the Silver Goblet. When that’s done, leave the temple and go west to find a large tree surrounded by red flowers, where the Nagfani Horn treasure can be found.

Go northwest again to find some ruins with more red flowers growing in front of them. Facing the ruins, head to the entrance that’s the farthest right and climb inside. Go through the next door to find some ferns growing there and the Jade Pendant treasure lying on the floor. Open the map again and take note of the northernmost body of water; that area is our next destination.

Upon reaching this body of water, follow it on its western edge to find an enemy truck. Jump into the back of the truck to find another lockbox, which has the Butterfly Trinket treasure inside. Now continue following the water until spotting a tunnel that cuts through the cliff, close to another truck. Get out of the jeep about halfway through the tunnel to snag the Metal Tiger Claws.


Follow the river south, and upon reaching the fork, take the path to the west. Look at the map and there will be two natural bridges hanging over the river. Go to the overhang that is furthest south and check the rocks on its eastern side to find the Engraved Gourd Jar. Now go east, staying between the two natural bridges on the map, until reaching the rock mass in the center. There are some ruins here that can be explored, so climb inside and sitting on a stone table will be the next treasure, the Serpents and Ladders Game.

From here, go southwest until the map shows that Chloe is about in the center of the landmass, just southwest of the two natural bridges on the map. There are some scattered ruins here, along with a lockbox. Open the lockbox and loot its contents to get some helpful items, including the 28th treasure, a nice pair of Leather Binoculars.

To find the 29th treasure, open the map and take note of the main tower in the center. From its base, go east until reaching the second body of water, which will be beyond some big rocks. There are some ruins sitting in this water that can be climbed, and the Medieval Indian Lock and Key can be found here. Now follow the rocks to the north, and at the top of this landmass players will find a rocky ramp. Follow the ramp to find the 30th treasure, and the final one in chapter 4, the Rosewood Spice Box.

Chapter 5

With chapter 4 completed, finding the rest of the treasures is pretty much smooth sailing, with one notable exception coming up. In the meantime, it’s pretty easy to find all of the treasures hidden in chapter 5. The first one comes right after climbing some stone steps and stepping out onto a cliff to see some gorgeous waterfalls raging in the distance. Instead of following the correct path, turn left to spot the treasure lying on the ground. Simply drop down and grab it, adding the Padouk Tea Caddie to Chloe and Nadine’s collection in the process.

Continue playing through the level like normal until reaching a point where Chloe says “Up we go, then,” while climbing a wall. Climb to the top of this, and then drop down to the ledge below. Instead of moving forward, turn around to face the cliff Chloe just dropped off of to find yet another treasure, the Engraved Ewer.


Keep playing through the stage until reaching a huge cavern with red flowers. Players will know they’re in the right place if Nadine says, “Amazing. Did they just carve this whole place out of the mountain?” Start making the descent deeper into this cavern, and on Chloe’s right, there should be an elephant statue next to some stone steps. Next to the steps and behind the statue is the next treasure, the Bidri Hookah Bowl.

The 34th treasure can be found just after crawling through a small tunnel. After this, check the piles of rubble in the room to pick up the Gold Cased Ivory Dentures. The 35th treasure is found in the room after our heroes fall into a pile of bones. Go towards the door to get out of this room, but instead of going through, check the area to the left of the stairs to find the Palm Leaf Manuscript.

The next treasure is found right after the sequence where Chloe and Nadine are being shot at and have to bash open a door together, only to fall through the floor in the next room. A short scene will play, and then they will pull out their flashlights. Right after this happens, take a right to find the treasure in the corner, the Khanjarli Curved Dagger. Collecting this treasure will wrap up our treasure hunting for the fifth chapter of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Chapter 6


Upon making it inside some ruins, Chloe and Nadine will come across steps that have some other ancient plates and goblets on it. As it turns out, the chapter’s first treasure, the 10th Century Oil Bottle, can also be found on the steps. The next treasure is right after the bit where Chloe and Nadine are moving through a tunnel and encounter some bats. Upon exiting this tunnel, take a right, hop over the obstacle, and climb up the stairs. Instead of moving forward, turn around and approach the ledge to find the Aged Silver Anklet.

The next treasure is located in the pool with the elephants. Approach the top of the waterfall here to find a shrine, and inside the shrine is the next treasure, the Ceremonial Sugar Hammer. Continue advancing the story until Chloe and Nadine have to crouch to move through a low-hanging tunnel of sorts. Check the corner here to find the Raja Raja Gold Kahavanu.

The final treasure of chapter 6, and the 41st treasure total, is located just after collecting the Raja Raja Gold Kahavanu. Upon exiting the low-hanging tunnel, use the grappling hook to swing across to another ledge. The way Chloe lands should make the treasure’s location obvious, so this treasure, the Agate Gemstone Box, is actually a hard one to miss.

Chapter 7

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Where to Find All Treasures - Chloe and Nadine waterfall

After walking through the doorway with the water running in front of it, take a right and drop off the ledge into the waterfall. Jump across to the next ledge and shimmy to the left. Climb up and snag the Lakshmi Marriage Ornament from the alcove here. The next treasure, the Hanuman Brass Bell, is located in the courtyard just beyond the Shiva statue. There is a shrine in the center of this courtyard, so check behind it for the treasure.

Next players can snag the Enameled Beetle Box in the flooded room where an explosion blocks Chloe and Nadine’s path. After the explosion occurs, check beneath the tree growing on the left side of the room for the treasure. The Jeweled Pipe Mouthpiece, the 45th treasure total in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, can be found a little later on, submerged in water in the room with “The Queen and Her Handmaidens” statues.

The next two collectible treasures are located closely together, in the room with all the regular treasures lying around. Check the rooms lining the outer wall to find the Handcarved Sheesham Breadbox and then check the ground near the inner wall to find the Silver Comb Perfume Flask. After exiting this room, players will find themselves in yet another flooded area. Swim straight across from the exit until hitting the cliff wall, and then dive straight down to find the Bronze Deccan Incense Burner.

The Satavahana Hourglass is located in the room with all the lily pads. Simply climb out of the water and pick it up off the ground. The Chalukya Griffin Candlestick, meanwhile, can be found in the pillar room that players encounter a little later on, in ankle deep water on the left-hand side. Luckily, the next few treasures are all located near one another, so they’re not too difficult to collect.

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Players will find these treasures in the room with the giant Shiva statue. Facing the statue, take a left and jump into the deep brown water. Swim around the rock and then dive to a submerged rock to find the Bronze Medallion Flask. Now check out the bull statue sticking out of the wall in front of the Shiva statue, and look underneath it to find the Bichwa Dagger. Facing the bull statue, hug the wall and go to the right and around the corner to find the Jadeite Bottle lying in plain sight. Return to the bull statue and this time take a left. Climb up the pillar and then instead of going left at the top, go straight ahead and climb the stone window. This will bring Chloe to another ledge where the Harappan Ivory Dice can be found.

The next treasure is still in the room with the giant Shiva statue, though players need to do a bit more climbing to get to it. After reaching the wheel that moves the Shiva statue’s lower left arm, look down to the platform below with the stone steps. Drop down and then follow the steps and around the corner to find the Bridal Maang Tikka on a pillar here. Then upon reaching the statue’s lower right arm, run forward and jump across to the ledge sticking out of the wall. Shimmy down into the room below this ledge to find the Ivory Chess Pieces.

After collecting the Ivory Chess Pieces, climb back up to the ledge above the room. Then run forward and climb the structure to reach another wheel. Ignore this wheel for now, run past it, and then climb the pillar. The Gold Chola Earrings can be found here, and they stand as the final treasure of chapter 7. At this point in the game, players following this guide should have collected a whopping 57 treasures out of 68 total.

Chapter 8

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At the chapter’s start, move forward to the cliff edge and drop down. Shimmy all the way to the left and climb up after going past the rock to find the Jeweled Snuff Bottle. The next treasure will be found in a pool of water being fed by a waterfall. Jump into the water and swim to the bottom to collect the Brass Ewer. The Mamluk Brass Bowl can be found a little later, when Chloe starts sliding down the mud slide. Instead of riding the slide to the bottom, jump to the left to the first climbable wall and scale it to the top.

The Crescent Flask can be found in the area with the large metal grate wall, located on the ground to the right of the wall. After a few cut-scenes and story beats, Chloe will be asked to climb a rope to rejoin Nadine and Nathan Drake’s brother Sam, but before doing that, turn around and drop off the ledge. Shimmy to the left to see some moss-covered stones jutting out of the wall that can be used to climb. Use these stones to climb up to the next treasure, the Soapstone Jewelry Box.

Similar moss-covered stones are how players can reach the 63rd treasure, the Peacock Nut Cutter. To reach this treasure, instead of using the stones to climb up the wall a bit later on, use them to climb down to a hidden ledge. Afterwards, continue pushing the story forward until reaching the point when Sam pushes a crate down and then pulls Chloe and Nadine up. Run into the cave here and follow the tunnel to the end to find the British Powder Flask.

The next treasure is placed in a tricky spot, but when reaching the grappling point when both Chloe and Nadine offer Sam their ropes, swing out as far forward as possible. Then turn around and climb down the rope a bit to see a small platform located underneath a large rock. Swing that way and land on the platform to snag the Strange Skull. And that will be all she wrote for Chapter 8’s treasures in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Chapter 9

While shimmying along the red train in chapter 9, climb to the train’s roof and check the rear caboose for the United India Company Pistol. The Viceroy’s Penbox is located on the front end of the fourth train car.

The final treasure in the game is also located on this train, but it’s only accessible after returning to the train for a second time (following a brief sequence on a truck). It’s located on the first red train car players reach, hanging off the side. Make your way there to get the United India Company Coins, collecting all 68 treasures in the game in the process. It may not have been as daunting as the 109 treasures in Uncharted 4, but players should still feel accomplished once they’ve managed to collect them all.

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Once players have found all 68 treasures in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, they will unlock three different trophies, including the silver tier trophy called Collector of Antiquities. Finding all the treasures will go a long way in helping players fully complete the best-selling game, but there are other secrets to discover and challenges to overcome for those that want to earn the elusive platinum trophy.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is available now, exclusively for PlayStation 4.